BREAKING: Arlington remains deep blue as offices across the country trend red

(Updated at 23:00) The nation’s eyes are on the nationwide races in Virginia tonight – and at least occasionally at Arlington, which remains deep blue.

Another election day has resulted in another decisive battle for the Arlington Democrats in the local races.

The narrowest win, relatively speaking, belongs to county board member Takis Karantonis, who currently has just over 60% of the vote with all but two of Arlington’s 57 areas reporting. His three independent contestants – Mike Cantwell, Audrey Clement and Adam Theo – have about 14%, 18% and 6% of the vote, respectively.

Democratically-approved school board candidate Mary Kadera is on the verge of victory and will replace Democratic colleague Monique O’Grady, who did not seek another term. In the House of Delegates race for districts that include Arlington, Alexandria’s Deputy Mayor Elizabeth Parker-Bennett will be on her way to Richmond in January, while Dels. Patrick Hope, Alfonso Lopez and Rip Sullivan were all re-elected.

All four of the county’s 2021 bond votes will pass, with the $ 17 million “infrastructure” bond receiving 71% yes votes, the lower of the four.

More than half of Arlington-registered voters voted – 26.5% did so through early voting – although turnout exceeds the 59% seen in the 2017 gubernatorial race will not be official until all the votes have been counted . The Arlington Election Office said that it would only be able to complete the count later in the week due to outstanding ballots.

As for the nationwide race, 76.5% of Arlington voters voted for Democrat Terry McAuliffe to return for a non-consecutive term in the governor’s mansion, from 1 p.m. will probably not be enough. Republican Glenn Youngkin currently holds about 51% of the vote throughout the Commonwealth, to 48% for McAuliffe.

CNN briefly highlighted the vote in Arlington as its national primetime coverage focuses on the closely-watched race in Virginia, a state that had been more blue during the Trump era.

Democrats still hope McAuliffe and his ticket mates can win by late votes from population centers like Northern Virginia and Richmond. But prominent National Election Observer Dave Wasserman and Virginia Democratic strategist Ben Tribbett both call the race for Youngkin and his GOP colleagues, Lieutenant-Governor-designate Winsome Sears and Justice Minister-designate Jason Miyares.

Large national businesses have not yet called the governor’s race at. 23.00

Tribbett, meanwhile, also predicts that Republicans have gained control of the Virginia House of Delegates.


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