Cleo Smith found: WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson says information about the car led to breakthrough rescue

WA Police Commissioner Chris Dawson has revealed “really important information about a car” was received by detectives hours before they found Cleo Smith in a Carnarvon home.

The four-year-old was rescued from a locked room by officers who broke their way into a home just before 1 a.m. Wednesday.

About the same time, a 36-year-old man was arrested on another property nearby and arrested.

Dawson said crucial information about a vehicle triggered the incredible breakthrough.

“We followed all the tracks we could. We had some important information, I can say that the information about a car was really important,” he told 6PR.

“Yes, we had a number of people we were very, very interested in, but late yesterday (Tuesday) and in the early hours this morning (Wednesday) we had a breakthrough.

“We got a strong head start (Tuesday night) and they (the officers) informed me about it and said we’ll have to get into this house.”

Dawson admitted that the news of Cleo having been found “alive and well” had brought tears to his eyes.

“I can not release it yet, but I have seen the (body-worn camera) video of it (Cleo’s rescue). They broke into the house … She was in there and to see that sight and to see and listen -” what is your name? “, they picked her up and she said” my name is Cleo “, he said.

“It gave a rude tear to the eye. It’s just so remarkable, and I’m just so proud of the way they worked their way through this. It’s just so wonderful that we have given her back to her parents. ”

Dawson said he could not go into much more detail, but said he had seen a “beautiful photo” of Cleo smiling after her rescue.


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