ColorWare now offers custom-painted AirPods 3 from $ 319

ColorWare, known for its customization offerings for AirPods, Xbox controllers, Nintendo Switch components and more, today introduced custom-painted AirPods 3.

colorware airpods 3
AirPods 3 are available in a range of custom paint colors, including light glossy shades, metallic and matte colors. All the colors of the rainbow are available, as well as different shades of black, silver and gold.

Each AirPod can be painted in a different color, and the case can also be customized in a different shade. Custom paint jobs for AirPods are priced at $ 319, but the price goes up to $ 369 when a case is also added. AirPods are priced at $ 179 direct from Apple, so it’s at least $ 140 more expensive to get a custom color.

Still, even at that price point, ColorWare is the only way to get AirPods that are not white, because Apple still does not offer AirPods in black or other colors.

options for colorware airpods
With ColorWare’s painting, all ‌AirPods 3‌ features remain intact, such as MagSafe connection to the cabinet, spatial sound, adaptive EQ and more, and the paint does not affect functionality.

Custom ‌AirPods 3‌ can be ordered from ColorWare starting today and they will be shipped in about two to three weeks.


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