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Prime Minister Boris Johnson is facing a backlash after he was pictured without a face mask while sitting next to 95-year-old TV station Sir David Attenborough at COP26.

Some photos also show Mr Johnson sitting maskless next to 72-year-old UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres during the opening of crucial climate summit on Monday.

Although Mr Johnson is seen wearing a mask in other photos taken at the same event.

Shadow Trade Minister Bill Esterson tweeted: “Boris Johnson chose not to wear a mask next to David Attenborough at # COP26 Attenborough is 95 years old and has a very high risk of COVID.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Sir David Attenborough
Johnson was criticized by MPs on Twitter for not wearing a mask at the event
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Sir David Attenborough
Some photos from the same event showed the Prime Minister wearing a face mask

“Wearing a mask protects other people, but Johnson could not be bothered to protect Attenborough from COVID. Says it all about Johnson.”

Labor MP Anna McMorrin also tweeted: “It’s one thing to show how little you care, but something completely different [to] sit next to 95-year-old David Attenborough and DO NOT wear a MASK. “

Johnson and other senior tories have received criticism for not wearing face masks in the House of Commons in recent weeks despite high COVID cases in the UK.

Asked about the controversy by CNN, Mr Johnson slammed his answer before saying: “I’ve been wearing masks in enclosed spaces with people I do not normally talk to … it’s up to people to make an assessment of whether they are at a reasonable distance to someone … that’s the approach we take. “

A Downing Street spokesman told the Daily Mirror: “The Prime Minister has complied with the COVID guidelines at the COP throughout.

“As you know, participants and delegates are not required to wear face masks when seated, according to the instructions, and he will continue to abide by all the rules that are in place while he is up in Glasgow.”

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Earlier, Mr Johnson said he was “cautiously optimistic” about the prospect of a deal to slow global warming during the negotiations.

On the second day of the COP26 summit, he welcomed a series of announcements from the assembled leaders on deforestation and emissions.

But he stressed that there was still a long way to go if they were to get an agreement that would keep alive the prospect of the Paris Agreement to limit world temperature rises to 1.5C.

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‘This is life or death for millions’

Prior to the summit, Mr Johnson suggested that humanity was below 5-1 at the break in the fight against climate change.

At a press conference on Tuesday, he said: “We have pulled one goal back, or maybe even two, and I think we will be able to take this thing to extended playing time, because there is no doubt that some progress has been made.”

He added that while “the doomsday clock is still ticking”, they now had a bomb disposal team on site, and “they are starting to cut the wires – I hope some of the real wires”.

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