COP26 in Glasgow LIVE as Rishi Sunak confronted by climate activist at conference

Patrick Harvie hits the COP26 delegations

Scottish Green Co-Leader and Minister Patrick Harvie

Many delegations at COP26 are not doing enough to reduce their environmental impact, Scottish Green Minister Patrick Harvie has said.

But Harvie said the focus should be on what the Glasgow climate conference can achieve.

The Scottish Government’s Minister for Zero Carbon Buildings also said he remained opposed to the Cambo oil field, despite the Prime Minister saying a review should be carried out.

On the BBC’s radio program Good Morning Scotland, he was asked about delegates’ use of cars and private flying around the summit.

He said: “Well, there are certainly many who are not doing what they can to reduce the impact of the delegations.

“We will all recognize that there will be an impact and that one cannot have a global conference like this without a certain degree of aviation without moving around with large delegations – it has to happen.

“For some countries, there are also major security issues.

“We recognize that, but many are not doing what they could to reduce the impact.

“And I think that is probably also true with the way the conference has been set up.

“But let’s not focus on the immediate criticism. Let’s focus on what we need to get out of this, because even the best deal we could hope for still comes late in the game.

“If the changes to be made had begun 10, 20, 30 years ago, when the scientific alarm bells were already ringing, these changes could have been slow and gradual.

“The only reason we know we’re going into emergencies in nature is because the world has been complacent for far too many years.”

Asked about his position on the Cambo oil field, he said: “I’ve never been on the fence on it, I’m still totally against it.”

He said the SNP, Labor and the Liberal Democrats were starting to change their policies for the oil industry.


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