Corruption investigation revealed that Marlene Kairouz paid $ 60,000 for ALP members when MP agreed to testify privately

On Wednesday, the inquiry heard allegations of a systematic branch-stacking operation running out of Ms Kairouz’s election office.

The alleged conduct involved employees who forged members’ signatures in order to vote on their behalf, either without knowing it or not caring.

Election officer Kirsten Psaila before IBAC's Operation Watts public exam on Wednesday.

Election officer Kirsten Psaila before IBAC’s Operation Watts public exam on Wednesday.

The operation gave votes to MPs, including Mrs Kairouz and her ally Adem Somyurek, the former power broker of the Labor “Moderates” faction.

Carr said Ms. Kairouz transferred the $ 60,000 to her constituency office manager, Kirsten Psaila, to pay for the memberships of others.

“Do you accept that? … and that was for memberships,” Mr Carr said.

“If that’s what you have, then yes,” replied Mrs. Psaila.

During hours of questioning, Mrs Psaila finally accepted that paying for the memberships of others was not the “charitable act” of a Member of Parliament helping people in financial difficulties.

“It was because by paying that … Mrs. Kairouz would gain power in the party,” Mr Carr said.

“Yes,” replied Mrs. Psaila.

Attorney assisting IBAC study Chris Carr, SC.

Attorney assisting IBAC study Chris Carr, SC.

Carr said former members had told the commission they had no idea they still belonged to the party, while others had sworn evidence that they did not recognize documents or ballot papers signed in their name.

Carr said the whole point was that MPs should gain power in a process that eroded the moral compass of everyone involved.

“What happens is when people come to power, when they become MPs, they have been subjected to this kind of behavior, or if they are involved in or monitor this behavior as MPs, they are unlikely to bring a are they a strong moral compass for their parliamentary duties? ” asked Mr. Carr.

Mrs Psaila said Mrs Kairouz was a “stand-up MP” who did what she could for society.


“That may be the case, but she’s managed some of this corrosive and corrupt faction machinery, right?” asked Mr. Carr.

“They all have,” said Mrs. Psaila.

Kairouz was contacted for comment. The government has refused to respond to specific allegations in the investigation while it is ongoing.

Kairouz is the second key witness to be released on bail for medical reasons.

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