Courage lets you fight against the battles of Crusader Kings III

A screenshot from Crusader Blade

Screenshot: Crusader Blade

As amazing as Crusader Kings III is, and as much as it lets you do as ruler of a medieval dynasty, the nature of the game has meant that war has always been a bit distant. You can raise your armies and tell them where to go, but never even lead the troops directly. Until now.

Crusader Blade is a mod that lets you directly control all the battles that take place in the game of literally by using a completely different video game to do so. That game is a medieval battle title Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, and in the simplest possible sense, the mod works by pausing CKIII at the time of a match, switch to Mounting & blade so you can fix it and then switch back on again.

Here is a video of the mod in action so you can see for yourself:

Hell, that’s impressive. One thing is that the mod works that way at all, but the way it integrates with CKIII to both set up matches and then solve their numbers at the end is really something else.

Matches in CKIII can sometimes involve tens of thousands of combatants, especially when large empires collide or you are involved in a crusade. And Mounting & blade, as large as it is compared to its multiplayer combat competition, can still only support a few thousand devices on the screen at one time.

So it takes a proportional approach to its unit representation. The mod looks at the size and composition of both armies before entering a battle, and also notes the mix of quality. It then crushes the numbers and keeps the percentages the same, so while yours CKIII army of 10,000 might only be represented here by 1000 men, the mixture of archer and cavalry will be the same.

The same will the victims at the other end of the battle, with each killing made Mounting and blade then represented in Crusader Kings III on the way out, apply them again as a percentage of the total force. So if you lost 6% of your archers in Mounting & blade fight, 6% of your archers in Crusader Kings III will now be gone, although the total numbers are obviously different.

You can download mod here.


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