Delta flights to Los Angeles diverted to Dallas due to ‘customer disruption’

The incident took place on Delta Flight 365, taking off from Hartfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

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“Situations like these are rare and unfortunate for the vast majority of our customers, and Delta has zero tolerance for unruly behavior at our airports and on board our aircraft,” Delta said. “We welcome our flight crew’s quick decision to redirect and handle the situation as soon as possible so the rest of our customers can resume their voyages.”

In its statement, Delta did not address the nature of the disruption.

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Bill Moseley, an actor who was on board the plane, said on Twitter the question was due to an “unruly passenger. Ah, the unfriendly sky!”

The disruption comes amid an apparent increase in unruly passengers aboard planes since the pandemic began and mask mandates were implemented.

The Federal Aviation Administration adopted a zero-tolerance policy for unruly passengers aboard aircraft earlier this year. The agency said in August it had issued more than $ 1 million in fines to unruly passengers by 2021.
A survey by the Association of Flight Attendants released in July showed that of the 5,000 flight attendants surveyed, 85% said they had handled unruly passengers by 2021.


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