Garry Kirkup’s Redhot as Racing Returns to Canberra | Canberra Times

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Things can only get better. Canberra coach Garry Kirkup spoke about the return of racing to the ACT in front of a small but vocal crowd. But if it also applies to Hezredhot, then Kirkup is on a hell of a trip with the five-year-old gelding. Hezredhot won back-to-back in the Federal Handicap (1300 meters) in Thoroughbred Park on Melbourne Cup Day. The first he won at Queanbeyan, while boundary restrictions forced Canberra Racing to hold their rallies across the border in NSW. The second where he won back at his home ground as 1,000 players marked the first major event in ACT since the lockdown ended. He greeted with about three-quarters of a length from Propose To Me, with Mr Kylin in third place. Kirkup was unsure where he was going next with his son of Hidden Dragon. He was too busy enjoying the victory as he had just walked in looking for a good race before looking to the future. Now he thinks he has a horse that can be handy in the good national races. “It’s a little hard to say at the moment. We just wanted to see what happened today before we started figuring out where we’re going from here,” Kirkup said. “He will be a good horse for the decent races around the country.” We are just delighted that he has won two federations in a row. “Deep down, I thought he was going to be really hard to beat, and yet I succeeded.” their capacity will be increased for their meeting at the end of November – where further easing of restrictions was expected. It is almost three months since the last time racing was held in Canberra, in early August just before the shutdown started. Kirkup said while it was a small audience – usually around 5,000 participants for the ACT races on Melbourne Cup Day – it was noisy. And he hoped it pointed to a brighter future after 18 months of a pandemic. READ MORE: “It’s great to be back at Canberra, and there’s a bit of a crowd here today,” Kirkup said. “Things just seem a little bit back to normal, but not quite normal.” But things were good here today, and it’s just good that the club can get things going again. “We are still looking forward to the future, things are getting better and better.” Small audience, but there was a lot of shouting and a little atmosphere, so it can only get better. ”



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