Get early Black Friday prices on Eero Pro 6 and Philips Hue smart bulbs

November has come roaring out the gates with some strong deals and early Black Friday sales. It’s not every year you can start buying Christmas presents and know you’re getting the best deals, even before we push the clocks back, but that’s what we’re looking at here with these discounts on Eero mesh routers.

You can pick up a pack, two pack or three pack of Eero Pro 6 tri-band mesh Wi-Fi 6 routers from Amazon and Best Buy at all-time low prices. Eero mesh routers are popular for good reason. They offer one of the simplest and streamlined ways to bring a solid Wi-Fi connection to every corner of your house, no matter its size or difficult layout. And you can add more routers to your mesh Wi-Fi system later.

When we reviewed the Eero Pro 6 line, we had mixed feelings about how “Pro” these models were with their high-end gigabit performance. Our primary complaint, however, was how expensive they were originally sold for, and these deals go a long way to correcting that. Plus, this is the model you can get if you need to connect multiple devices, including wired ethernet devices, as each router has two ethernet ports.

Eero Pro 6 tri-band mesh Wi-Fi router (to-pack)

The Eero 6 Pro mesh router is designed to fill up to 3,500 square feet of home with fast (up to one gigabit) Internet connections. It supports the Wi-Fi 6 protocol as well as Zigbee connections to smart home devices.

For larger homes (up to 6,000 square feet, according to Eero’s spec sheet), a three-pack of Pro 6 costs only $ 449 at Amazon and Best Buy. That’s a whopping $ 150 off the usual $ 600 discount. While it may sound like an exaggeration to go for a three-pack if you do not own a small mansion, keep in mind the decor of your house. The multiple nodes can help if your home has a slightly more elongated floor plan, such as a ranch style that is longer in one direction, or if the router’s signal needs to pass through multiple walls or a floor.

Do you not own a huge house, or are you shaking up apartment life? Don’t worry – we have not forgotten you. You can also pick up a single Eero Pro 6 on sale right now. It’s only $ 171 at Amazon and Best Buy, compared to its usual $ 229. It is not a bad idea to start with just one as you can always add more routers to the system later.

Eero Pro 6 tri-band mesh Wi-Fi router

A single Eero Pro 6 router offers all the convenience and benefits of its near gigabit speeds and convenient interface, with room to extend the system via added extensions.

Amazon also has an early Black Friday sale on Philips Hue smart lighting. The sale is only for today and it offers some exceptional prices on both color and white E26 bulbs. You can get a pack of three color bulbs for $ 80, a big discount on the full price of $ 135. This is a great price for Hue bulbs and they can be adjusted to almost any color you want, making them great for accent lighting in lamps or even as headlights in any room. They do not come with a Hue Bridge to connect them via your local network, but they can be controlled via Bluetooth with the Philips Hue app. The Hue ecosystem is also expansive, so you can always add more to it. This is a great package to get you started or to expand your repertoire of smart bulbs further.

Philips Hue E26 smart bulbs (pack of three)

Philips’ Bluetooth-enabled smart bulbs have simple functionality and allow for a wide range of colors, giving you a quick way to control your lighting, even without a Hue Bridge.

If you prefer more fine-tuned controls through the Hue smartphone app or even via a wall-mounted switch, the Philips Hue white LED smart button set is another option to consider. These bulbs may not assume all the colors of the rainbow, but they can be adjusted from a relaxing warm white to an energizing light white. This set comes with Hue Hub, so you can expand the system and use more smart functionality through the app. The included smart button can also be mounted on a wall without wires, so you can control the lights without a smartphone. This is a lot of functionality and convenience for $ 80, which is the current selling price today at Amazon.

There’s another Hue deal at Amazon to consider, and pairing this smart button set with a smart Bluetooth light strip for $ 144.

Philips Hue white LED smart button kit with three bulbs

The Hue smart button set offers three white LED bulbs that change from warm-white to energizing daylight-balanced white, the Hue bridge, which can control up to 50 bulbs, and the wall-mounted smart button for smartphone-free operation.

Bridge’s solid selection of iPad keyboard cases has a touch pad and is on sale this week, offering a great alternative to the more expensive smart keyboards from Apple. They also act as protective sleeves when folded. Some notable discounts include:

Brydge Air Max Plus for fourth generation iPad Air and iPad Pro 11-inch

Brydge Air Max Plus is a detachable keyboard and trackpad for the latest iPad Air from 2020. It has a magnetic snap-fit ​​cover and a fully backlit keyboard with trackpad. Compatible with iPad Air (fourth generation) and 11-inch iPad Pro (first generation to third generation).

Brydge 12.9 Max Plus keyboard case for iPad Pro

The Brydge 12.9 Max Plus turns a 12.9-inch iPad Pro (third-generation to fifth-generation) into a mock MacBook Air, complete with a backlit keyboard, touchpad and direct Bluetooth connectivity.

Brydge 10.2 Max Plus for base model iPads

This Brydge 10.2 Max Plus features a keyboard and a multitouch trackpad, so you can get more out of a seventh-generation to ninth-generation iPad. It protects your tablet from all angles and its battery is claimed to last up to six months each charge.

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