‘Greater New York’ artist Nadia Ayari at the local places that inspires her

“Greater New York” is MoMA PS1’s signature exhibition focusing on artists living and working in the New York City area. The fifth iteration of the show opened on October 7 and features works by 47 artists and collectives operating locally. The contemporary look at art created in the city now draws connections across genres, generations and countries.

One of the artists in this year’s survey, which runs until April 18, is Nadia Ayari. Ayari’s work explores notions of cultural heritage and identity through interpretations of the subconscious. Through her moving paintings, abstract and disembodied, she enters the heart of a complex web of emotions from belonging to loss and violence.

Below, she shares five local NYC spots that inspire her.

Photo: Courtesy Marissa Alper / MoMA PS1

“They’ve been open for a year and I started going about a month ago. They provide good care at an affordable price and are community focused. In addition, they have a fundraiser every month where 100% of the profits from that day’s visit go. to a different kind of charity. ” Ridgewood

“With special pigments and tools, the Chelsea shop of this German company is an important supplier to artists in the city and beyond. I collect all my frescoes there.” Chelsea

“This is a unique place in town. They carry all your sculpting needs, which to me meant a range of large marble stones from around the world. They offer stone carving courses all year round and are super helpful with any questions you may have.” Chelsea

“A great black-owned Ethiopian food restaurant. It’s vegan too – which I’m not, but it’s good for my meat-free days.” Bushwick

“An aesthetically stimulating bar featuring a dizzying selection of antique furniture. One of the reasons I like it so much is that I’ve been there more than once while the owner lovingly moved around items to protect them from wear and tear and explained their value and history. ” Ridgewood

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