‘Haunted Chocolatier’ release date, trailer, relationship, match and more

Stardew Valley creator Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone announced its next game, Haunted Chocolatier, in October 2021. Although there is still much we do not know, we know that it is about a chocolate shop that seems haunted. Here’s everything we know about the project’s release date, trailers, game mechanics and more.

When is Haunted Chocolatier release date?

Despite the fact that it was announced in October 2021 in an official blog post, ConcernedApe admits that it will be “a while before [Haunted Chocolatier] As such, the game has no known release date or release window. The game’s advertising footage shows footage suggesting that the project may be quite deep in development. It seems to be complete. Nevertheless, he says, “there is a lot of content I still need to make.”

The basic feeling of Haunted Chocolatier should feel familiar to fans of Stardew Valley.Worried Ape

For an extra perspective, ConcernedApe’s previous project, Stardew Valley, made its Steam Greenlight debut alongside its announcement in September 2012. However, the finalist for that title did not arrive until February 2016. Thus, at its unveiling, Haunted Chocolatier had only been going on for about a year. In other words, fans may need to be patient by the time Haunted Chocolatier is actually ready for public consumption.

is there a Haunted Chocolatier trailer?

Yes! Next to the game’s official announcement, ConcernedApe released a trailer showing about two minutes of curated gameplay footage. You can see it below.

Take a look at early gameplay too Haunted Chocolatier.

What is included in Haunted Chocolatier gameplay?

While specific gameplay details about Haunted Chocolatier remain sparse, ConcernedApe has confirmed that “at its core, the gameplay loop involves gathering ingredients, making chocolate, and running a chocolate shop.” While Stardew Valley focusing on the organic and ordinary, this title will focus on darker supernatural elements that allow for exploring concepts of more creative freedom.

There are many different ways to make chocolate in the world of Haunted Chocolatier.Worried Ape

“I intend this game to be positive, uplifting and life-affirming,” he wrote. “But if Stardew Valley mostly channeled solar energy, Haunted Chocolatier channels the energy of the moon. Both are crucial. “

Haunted Chocolatier will probably still be a “city game” that focuses on establishing your identity in a new place by getting to know the city’s citizens and achieving your goals. However, compared to Stardew Valley, it is said that its sequel will be a bit more of an action RPG.

Haunted Chocolatier has a reworked combat system with an anesthesia mechanic.Worried Ape

One such way this vision manifests itself is in a reworked combat system. Haunted Chocolatier includes a new shield mechanic that stuns enemies when their attacks are blocked. While an enemy is stunned, your character will be able to go in to kill without distraction. There will be other items to try, but they have not been revealed yet.

do Haunted Chocolatier take place in Stardew Valley universe?

These details have not been confirmed yet.

Are there relationships in Haunted Chocolatier?

It certainly looks like relationships will play a role in this upcoming game.Worried Ape

While matters have not yet been officially confirmed by ConcernedApe, the implication is Haunted Chocolatier is a “city game” based on getting to know the people around your haunted chocolate factory. With that in mind, we have to guess that relationships will play a role in this game. So much is likely to become clearer as we get closer to launch.

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