Haunted house in long-term care home in Toronto gets criticism after posting video of event with residents with no problems

TORONTO – A Toronto hospital and long-term care home are facing criticism after a Halloween event held last week in which residents were filmed for a video posted on social media without their consent.

The event, hosted by North York General Hospitals (NYGH) Senior Health Center, took place Thursday and was intended as a Halloween celebration for residents.

The video, which has since been removed from YouTube by NYGH, depicts residents moving through the decorated facility. During the video, the faces of the residents are shown. The use of dimmed lights, along with strobe lights, and loud noises can be observed.

NYGH has issued a statement on the incident, stating that the Senior’s Health Center (SHC) “plans events and parties with residents and families for various occasions,” adding that such “events are important to our SHC community and provide residents opportunity to enjoy social interactions. “


“Unfortunately, an employee took a personal video of the event, which showed photos of residents and family members without consent,” the statement said.

The video was originally shared on an employees personal page on social media before it is taken down.

“The employee did not understand the organization’s policies related to confidentiality, consent, and approvals regarding communications related to the organization and residents,” the hospital said.


Proponents of long-term care have also expressed concern over the event on social media.

“The idea is good, but I hear from families that this scared the hell out of some residents,” wrote Dr. Vivian Stamatopoulas on Twitter on Monday. “Some (probably many), of whom are heavily medicated and already dealing with drug-induced hallucinations.”

In response to concerns raised on social media about the use of strobe lights, loud noises and frightening decorations, Anne-Marie Flanagan, head of corporate communications at North York General Hospital, told CTV News Toronto that the video differed from the actual video. resident experience.

“The video provides a significant misrepresentation of what residents and families are experiencing,” Flanagan said. “In the video, the staff appeared in front of the camera and it was edited to make the event more intimidating, including changing the lighting.”

Flanagan said 28 residents and their families attended the event and enjoyed the event.

“We have not received any negative feedback from those who were present,” she said.

The hospital says it “sincerely deplores any concerns this situation may have caused to residents, families and staff.”


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