Hot In the City: Streat Toast clones their delicacy!

Streat Toast

Streat Toast at Strickland Cct in Deakin. Photo: Kazuri Photography.

It’s 7 o’clock and I’m driving down Strickland Cct in Deakin looking for a food truck. The GPS leads me to turn left, but a glance to the right reveals a glimpse of ‘Canva’ green ‘and a glowing neon sign declaring:’ Streat Toast ‘. Found it!

Workers have already gathered and are waiting for their breakfast orders, coffee and more to stride across the street.

Streat Toast is set up on a grassy section next to the curb. Under the shade of scattered branches above the head, several boxes of pillow-top invite customers to linger. A large all-day menu leans against the truck with advertisements for toasted wrap and burger options.


The creative all-day menu leans against the truck, filled with toasted wrap and burger options. Photo: Kazuri Photography.

Owner Hakan Demir comes from Sydney and first moved to Canberra a few years ago.

After high school, he opened his first cafe, loved it and never looked back. Hakan has owned several successful cafes in both Sydney and Canberra, one of which is the very popular milk crate in the Civic.

Hakan Demir

Hakan Demir began his career in hospitality when he left high school. Photo: Kazuri Photography.

“I sold Milk Crate because I was looking for my next venture,” Hakan says.

“When I saw the movie Chef – which is now my favorite movie! – that was where I first got the idea and concept for a food truck. I absolutely loved the idea! The toasties idea came when I saw a toastie stand over in Milan. I combined the two ideas that quickly became the cool food truck that people know as Streat Toast. Our atmosphere is cool, simple and tasty. “

The menu sounds like a quick trip around the Mediterranean, exotic ingredients spice up classic cafes. Even though I am a carnivore, the vegetarian options make me run in water just by reading their descriptions. The grilled halloumi burger paired with fried eggs and fresh salad; Mediterranean toast full of marinated vegetables, pesto and truffle mayo; and Smashy, Streat Toast’s bid for smashed avo, which includes whipped Persian feta. Yes please!

“I’m Turkish, so you will definitely find the Turkish influence on the menu as well as the classic toasties,” says Hakan.

“Along with a good coffee, anyone can find something when they come down to see us. If you want to try something you might not normally find elsewhere, I recommend Istanbul. Or, if you are hungry, try a Cheeseburger and chips. “

Burrito and coffee

My tasty breakfast: Turco Burrito and a smooth, full-bodied cappuccino. Photo: Kazuri Photography.

I start with a latte and it’s a good cup of coffee – smooth and full. My breakfast is a Turco Burrito. Soft-fried flatbread abundantly filled with Turkish-spiced lamb mince, eggs and cheese. You can not see the egg; its addition rather gives a delicate, almost pillow-like texture to the tasty farce. It is delicious and hits the spot.

What is the spelling of Streat Toast about? Hakan’s spelling of ‘streat’ is deliberate, a nod to all the goodies offered inside! Streat Toast proudly supports local small businesses. You will find delicious baked goodies from @edible_favors and @homesliceco and fresh juices from @emmaandtoms.

Turkish burrito

Turco is not your average burrito. Photo: Kazuri Photography.

One of the best things about Streat Toast is that there are three of them. But Hakan is not done yet.

“We have three more trucks coming up around Canberra soon, so keep an eye out!”

The three current food trucks are located in Deakin on Strickland Cres, Hume on Sawmill Cct and Darling St near Barton.

They are open and serve food Monday to Friday from 6:45 to 14:00.

“If you need to pick me up that afternoon, we’re still serving coffee until 2:30 pm – rain, hail or sunshine!” says Hakan.

Follow Streat Toast on Facebook and Instagram to learn where their new locations are popping up.

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