‘I’m an Idiot’: Victorian MP Tim Smith Won’t Retire but Will ‘Reflect’ After Drunk Driving | Victoria

Victorian Liberal MP Tim Smith says he does not want to step down from politics, but that he is taking some time to “reflect on his career” after driving his car into a family home where he has barely escaped a child’s bedroom.

Smith claims he only had a few glasses of wine at a friend’s house before deciding to drive home Saturday night, but he returned a blood alcohol level of more than double the legal limit after crashing into a Hawthorn house in east Melbourne.

Smith told reporters in Melbourne on Wednesday that it was the “worst decision of his life” and he had spoken to his doctor.

“I do not feel (mentally) bad. I’m an idiot, ”he said.

“I’m incredibly sorry about what happened.”

MP for Kew returned an exhalation test of 0.131, which resulted in immediate suspension of his driver’s license for 12 months. Once hailed as a future prime minister, Smith retired as a shadow lawyer after the crash.

Victoria’s opposition leader Matthew Guy has asked the 38-year-old to resign before the next election. Smith is also expected to be fined by police.

Smith avoided questions he has been asked directly so as not to contest the next election, saying Guy only asked him to “reflect on my career.”

“Matthew has made it very clear, as he has done on several occasions, that I need to reflect on my career,” he said.

“I’m not going to go into private conversations with a very good friend of mine.”

Smith said he did not realize how drunk he was because he had not eaten much that day.

“As a consequence, I blew a lot more than I ever thought I had ingested. I do not come up with any excuses,” he said.

He claimed he had only drunk “a few glasses” of wine for dinner with friends.

“It’s selfish, it’s stupid, I’ve been fined, I’ve lost my driving license for a year. I messed up deeply together in a life-changing way. I can not take it back, and I do not try.

“It was a terrible judgment.”

Smith said he has talked to his doctor about his alcohol consumption and has promised not to drink again while staying in public life.

“I will never touch a drop again,” he said.

Smith speaks to the media in Melbourne on Wednesday.
Smith speaks to the media in Melbourne on Wednesday. Photo: James Ross / AAP

When asked if he had an alcohol problem, Smith said he had drunk too much during the pandemic.

“I think like a lot of guys my age – and don’t take this as an excuse – who live for themselves over the last 18 months have been drinking too much,” he said.

On Tuesday, Guy said he had told Smith he would not be reappointed to the front bench and urged him not to contest the 2022 state election.

“I made it very clear to Tim that he would not find his way to the front bench in any parliamentary liberal party that I lead,” Guy told reporters.

“And I made it clear that I did not want him to nominate at the next election and that I did not think he should nominate for Kew’s seat.

“Tim has and will reflect on my advice to him. He will then speak in his own time. I hope sooner rather than later. “

Smith has been one of Guy’s closest political allies and was instrumental in his return to the leadership of the Liberal Party following a successful outburst against Michael O’Brien in September.

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