Is Qiqi a good character in Genshin Impact?

Qiqi is often considered the worst five-star character in the Genshin Impact by society. The cryo-sword user is designed to be a healer, and both of her elemental abilities help rebuild health.

With the introduction of the corrosion effect, healers have again become relevant in the Genshin Impact playoffs. In the past, healer figures like Qiqi were used by beginners as veterans focused solely on increasing their injury rates.

Here is a deep dive into Qiqi’s viability in Genshin Impact based on the current meta.

Qiqi’s healing and supportive abilities in Genshin Impact explained

The biggest problem that players face while using Qiqi is the low damage output. Even with ascension, she achieves a healing bonus that does not help trigger reactions.

Qiqi’s elementary skill, Adeptus Art: Herald of Frost, summons a Herald of Frost, which gives Cryo DMG to the nearby opponents. The Herald revolves around the active character for 15 seconds and heals party members when it hits opponents.

Qiqi elementary eruption, Adeptus Art: Preserver of Fortune, releases a Cryo wave, which marks the opponents with a fortune-telling talisman. Characters can restore HP by hitting an opponent hit by Talisman.

It is worth noting that Qiqi’s healing is peeling off from her ATK.

The cooling for Qiqi’s Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst is 30 seconds and 20 seconds, respectively. This, of course, slows down the rotation strategies in many team compositions.

While leveling talent, players should definitely prioritize Elemental Burst because it is the only talent with high DMG scaling.

How to build Qiqi in Genshin Impact

Based on the abilities explained above, it is obvious that Qiqi is an amazing healer on and off the court. However, players need to invest heavily to make her a viable support DPS character.

Weapons with an Energy Recharge sub-state, such as the Sacrificial Sword and Festering Desire, are the best options for Qiqi. Others with an ATK% sub-state, such as The Flute, can be used for a healer build-up.

The most desirable artifact sets on the character are:

  • 4-part Pale Flame set for Physical DMG boost and ATK buff.
  • 2-part Blizzard Strayer and 2 pcs Noblesse Oblige
  • 4-part Noblesse Oblige

For artifact statistics, players should focus on:

  • ATK% at Sands
  • Elemental bonus on Goblet (Cryo DMG)
  • Crit Rate / Crit DMG at Circlet

For artifact sub-statistics, Energy Recharge should undoubtedly be the first priority. This should be followed by an emphasis on Crit statistics.

Other sub-DPS / healers in Genshin Impact such as Jean, Bennett, Sayu and Xingqiu are often considered to be better because they either have higher damage output or provide ATK buffs to the party members.

But with this guide, players can certainly build a support DPS Qiqi that can do significant damage in addition to providing healings to the team.

All in all, Qiqi is an ingenious healer that players can also use for abundant Cryo damage. The only requirement is a correct combination of artifacts and weapons. She is easily also one of the most flexible characters in Genshin Impact and can fit any team composition that requires a healer.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the views of the author.


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