Kaija Millar risks five years in prison after leaving her son in a hot car while playing at a hotel in Point Cook

ONE mother who left, who left her little child in a warm car for nearly five hours while she played, which led to him suffering a severe brain injury, risking five years in prison.

A sobbing Kaija Millar stood before the county court today, pleading guilty to one charge of negligently causing serious harm.

The court heard Millar left her 14-month-old son Easton in her car for four hours and 50 minutes on January 15 last year when she used pokies at a hotel in Point Cook.

Kaija Miller pleaded guilty in a case of negligent causing serious injury. (Nine)

All the windows of the car were closed, there was no air conditioning on and the temperature outside reached 37C.

When Millar returned to the car, she found her son foaming at the mouth and had a seizure.

The court heard she rushed for help and told paramedics she did not want to tell her husband and that she hoped Easton survived so she would not go to jail.

It was also heard that during the investigation of the incident she lied and erroneously claimed that she had checked the little child and given him water during the breaks with bingo games and pokies.

She also told a relief operator that Easton suffered from smoke inhalation from the Black Summer bush fires.

The child was taken to intensive care and has been left with a severe brain injury.

Miller’s lawyer told the court she was below average intellect and was suffering from postnatal depression at the time, being “completely overwhelmed by the demands of motherhood”.

The lawyer argued against Miller being sentenced to prison.

She will be convicted later this month.

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