Knock-off leafless fans – Shonky Awards 2021

With summer just around the corner, people will be looking for cooling options to keep the heat at bay. Our tip? Steer clear of these bladeless fans.

We found SmarterHome ™ Bladeless DC Motor Slim Smart Fan through online retailer Kogan, but then discovered that the same model was apparently sold through other retailers, including

These retailers seem to simply slap their logos on the same risky product and give it another spiffy name, including:

  • Phoenix Leafless Tower Fan with DC Motor (from
  • Zhibai (Xiaomi Eco-Chain Product) Smart APP Pedestal Bladeless Leafless Electric Floor Fan (from
  • Dimplex 96 cm Bladeless DC Tower Fan with remote control (from
kogan smarterhome bladeless DC motor slim smart blower

We tested the SmarterHome lad Bladeless Fan from Kogan, but the same shonky fan is available from other retailers under different names.

This tactic is in itself miserable. But the test results from our labs for the fans of many names are even better.

CHOICE tester Adrian Lini puts a fine point on the many shortcomings of the tab.

“To me, it’s the perfect example of a fake product because almost every feature either did not work or was meaningless, and the performance was the worst we’ve ever seen.”

Although the fan boasts an impressive nine speeds, the nine different settings are of total inefficiency.

“You have to press the remote control button nine times to reach the maximum speed, at which point the fan still does not reach an effective output level,” says Lini.

Our testers measured the amount of air that was pushed out of 50 different fans in our lab test, and were simply impressed with the underperformance of this product.

“It was so low that it looked like an error in the measurement,” says Lini. “Throughout the test, it could barely reach 0.04 cubic meters per second. It has virtually no effect at all, which is why the score (44%) is so awful.”

Most of the other tower fans in our pedestal and tower fan reviews reached at least 0.3 cubic meters / second, more than seven times the wind power from the Kogan version of this sleek fan.

The best this fan could do was level with the minimum performance of the other fans in the test – the point where the testers stopped recording the results because the measurements from there would be too low to count in the test results. Anything less does not really qualify as a fan.

The wind power was so low that it looked like an error in the measurement

CHOICE tests Adrian Lini

Lini says the pathetic performance may be forgivable in a $ 20 fan, but the Kogan-branded version of this product sold for $ 150 when we tested it (an incredible 50% off the “standard” price of $ 300). Last time we checked, the price had dropped to $ 129.

Come to think of it, says Lini, the SmarterHome fan is probably just a $ 20 fan stuck inside a cheap cabinet with a Kogan logo turned on. and others seem to be using the same tactic. He recommends buying a fan for $ 20 because it will probably work better.

See the knock-off bladeless fan in our test lab

Tester Adrian Lini introduces you to the slenderness that is this white-label fan.

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