Liberal MP Tim Smith refuses to call for his future in parliament following the worst decision of his life

Victorian Liberal MP Tim Smith has refused to comment on whether he will continue in politics after his “selfish, embarrassing” and “shocking judgment” Saturday night.

Smith said he “sincerely, sincerely” regretted his actions.

Tim Smith spoke to reporters this afternoon. (Nine)

“I deeply apologize to my family, my voters to the Liberal Party, to my colleagues to everyone I have failed,” he said.

Smith said he had made “the worst decision (his) life”.

“I ask people to forgive me as a human being.”

Smith told reporters he still “will reflect” on what his actions would mean for the future of his career and his life over com.

To say that at this point: “I will not resign from Parliament.”

“Does a mistake mean a career is over forever? That’s the question,” he said.

When asked why he did not immediately resign completely from politics, Mr Smith said today that he was still committed to serving his constituents.

“I have worked my courage for years and years for the (liberal) party, for the people of Kew.”

Matthew Guy fronted the media yesterday. (Nine)

“I made it clear to Tim that he would not find his way to the front bench of any parliamentary liberal party I lead,” Guy said yesterday.

Smith confirmed that Matthew Guy had given him “some very strong advice” that he would consider.

Sir. Smith said he had visited his GP about his alcohol consumption and promised he would not continue to drink alcohol while working in politics.

“If I stay in public life, I’ll never touch a drop again.”

The MP said he had consumed a “few glasses of wine” at a dinner at a friend’s in Kooyong on Saturday night after not eating all day.

He said he was not an alcoholic and would not make excuses, such as “the mental health card” for his actions.

“I’m not feeling bad – I’m an idiot.

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