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In collaboration with VisitCanberra, we present Phillip Jones’ AKA The Martini Whisperer’s favorite tipping places in Canberra.

Not only do we live in the golden age of quality spirits made with innovation and smart, but there has never been a better time to enjoy a delicious cocktail in Canberra.

Inspired by fantastic products and embracing seasonal and ingredients, the city’s bar team offers creative passion and fine inspiration in a glass.

A good cocktail is always greater than the sum of its parts, but the location and atmosphere are just as important.


In Braddon, Zaab Street Food has led the way with an integrated cocktail and food program with cocktail creations that will accompany modern Laos and Thai cuisine.

Last time I was there, I loved their bids on the southern part of the border – Espolon Blanco Tequila, mezcal, their own secret liqueur, lemon, lime, agave.


Hippo Bar upstairs in Garema Place has been the industry leader in the city for years and its cocktails are always excellent.

Ask for Old Smoke which contains a harmonious blend of smoked spicy rum, honey, lime and their homemade ginger soda.


On Northbourne Avenue, comfortable white rabbit offers high tea and some playful and delicious concoctions, such as Wonderland, complete with fresh strawberries, Frangelico, white chocolate liqueur, lemon and cranberry juice and a chaser of mini-cupcakes!


Right up in the Sydney building, Dear Prudence offers a Euro atmosphere and is the place to sip a Negroni and dream of distant places.


Upstairs on the London Circuit, the award-winning Bar Rochford is always on hand with cocktails and matching food, served with unpretentious intelligence.

Ask for one of the team’s favorites – a delicious mix called Lucien Gaudin, with Ironbark Cascara Gin, Marionette Curacao, Okar Tropical Bitter and Dry Vermouth.


Finally, always classic Molly provides a very nice Martini experience – let their team of experts guide you into the mysteries surrounding my personal favorite.

Just look for the wooden door to access this moody speakeasy.

Editor’s note: Garema Places Beirut Bunker Bar originally made this list, but it is currently being reborn as Bar Beirut, so stay tuned.

Feature Image: Thorson Photography

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