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A new online solo competition seeks to promote the X factor of showmanship in the next generation of young artists.

Three final-year students at the University of Salford will be hosting an innovative online solo competition specifically aimed at helping promote performance opportunities for younger players.

Everything is allowed

Alan Hobbins, Jeremie Favre and Elliot Gray, seek to help players with their development and confidence as a solo artist, and as a result, an ethos of ‘everything goes’ will be the core of the competition – where the player himself decides how they will present their contribution – from style to tempo, accompanied or unaccompanied.

As Alan told 4BR: “We want players to find their own performance style and voice – and show off their best assets. We want to promote the X-factor of confidence and showmanship as a means of general encouragement and development.”


The referees are definitely three players who know how to do it – with Brett Baker, Tom Hutchinson and Mark Wilkinson tasked with the judging tasks in three different categories – Open, Intermediate and Youth.

It will culminate in a final round with the top six from each category, with the finalists performing with an alternate piece.

Alan added: “We hope the competition provides the opportunity to play something that builds confidence.

We would also like to encourage future music students, especially in the middle section, to consider studying as a performer at Salford, so this is the chance to showcase your talents to the world. “

We hope the competition provides the opportunity to play something that creates confidenceorganizers

Prizes and categories

Prizes include online music lessons and consultations from Mark Wilkinson, Brett Baker or Tom Hutchinson, a £ 50 coupon donated by Band Supplies Leeds to use online / in-store, and the choice of an original composition solo written by composer Dan Pris.

Open ward: 18 years and over
Middle section: 14 to 18 years
Youth Department: 14 years and under

Registration forms must be submitted no later than 30 November.

Video entries for the preliminary round must be submitted by December 4, 2021.

Results for the preliminary round will be announced on December 11th.

Video entries for the final must be submitted by 18 December.

The final results will be announced on December 21st.

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