Police stop $ 100,000 drunk driving between Alberta and BC – BC News

Bootleggers busted on Hwy

BC Highway Patrol has announced the bust of a pair of bootleggers near Revelstoke.

A police dog unit that checked a suspicious vehicle parked in a commercial vehicle area on Oct. 27 around 1 p.m. 23:50, observed a Toyota minivan filled floor to ceiling with boxes hidden by a carpet.

The residents of the van, a man and woman from Calgary, were found to be involved in previous criminal activity on the lower mainland.

Officers arrested the couple and searched the van, finding $ 11,000 in cash, small amounts of cocaine and fentanyl and about $ 100,000 of high-quality liquor purchased in Alberta.

The BC Highway Patrol believes this was not the first time the couple had completed a similar drink drive. Investigators say the intent was to avoid BC’s liquor tax and resell the liquor to illegal casinos or private buyers in the Lower Mainland area.

“The mandate of BCHP’s TSU-PDS is to carry out high – volume road safety enforcement, and often intelligence – led policing results in the interruption, prohibition and apprehension of traveling criminals,” says Insp. Dale Carr, officer in charge of BCHP’s special traffic operations.

“Often, investigators will find wanted persons, stolen property, drugs, weapons, cash and other smuggled goods. By removing these people from our highways and disrupting their activity, we prevent this type of criminal behavior from continuing, and that is one of the many ways we together make our highways safer. “

Both individuals were released pending further investigations. Anyone with information about this incident can contact BCHP’s Special Traffic Operations at 604-539-2729 and provide file SED: 2100: 2021-5275.

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