Republicans in Ohio reveal congressional district maps

House Republicans unveiled their proposed congressional card for Ohio.

Cards proposed by legislative Republicans would leave Democrats with two secure seats out of 15.

The Republican-proposed Senate map would combine Cincinnati with several GOP counties to the east, including Clermont County and Scioto County. Democrats could count on victories in Cleveland and a Columbus district. Other parts of Columbus would be included in two other districts; one extends to southern Ohio while another extends to Lima.

“The card you have in front of you is much more competitive than the one we have right now,” said Senator Rob McColley, R-Napoleon. He said the card would create five secure GOP seats, two secure Democratic seats and eight competitive ones.

The Senate GOP card shared only 14 counties.

House GOP proposal

A proposal by the Republicans from the Ohio House could give the GOP a 13-2 advantage among representatives of the U.S. House despite voter-approved changes to prevent gerrymandering.

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