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Royal Marines and allies forced American troops to surrender for days to a training exercise at a huge battlefield in the California desert.

The Department of Defense explained that the combat exercise tested the deployment of the new Littoral Response Group (LRG) in a guerrilla warfare facility on the U.S. West Coast against well-equipped U.S. Marine Corps opponents.

But during a five-day exercise, the culmination of two months of training in the Mojave Desert, the US Marine Corps asked for a “reset” after the Green Berets dominated the battle, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Royal Marines Commando
LRG is a new warfare led by the Royal Marines Commando

The LRG is one of two new Royal Navy task forces focusing on command forces capable of responding to world events, with one base in Europe and another in Oman, focused on military threats east of the Suez Canal.

LRG South, the Oman-based force, proved victorious in a five-day operation known as the Green Dagger, in which allies from the United States, Canada, the UAE and the Netherlands captured the Marine Corps.

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LRG South is built around 40 Commando, part of Britain’s internationally recognized light infantry forces, along with Dutch troops that are part of LRG.

Dr. Mark Galeotti, an expert in Russia who has been a consultant to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, wrote in 2018 about how a retired Russian officer told him: “Britain has always had the best light infantry in the world, and b **** *** few seats faster than we want. “

British and Allied forced defeated US Marine Corps
British and Allied forced defeated US Marine Corps

The commandos proved to be superior to the US Marine Corps while performing their exercises at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center at Twentynine Palms, an extensive training ground covering an area the size of Luxembourg.

The exercise focused on three urban sprawls defended by Allied forces, the largest of which consists of 1,200 buildings that have been specially built for military exercises.

The LRG won early decisive battles, according to the Royal Navy, but quickly discovered that the Marine Corps was invading Allied territory.

To counter the advance, the Green Berets and Allied raids conducted behind enemy lines, infiltrating the U.S. Navy’s position and attacking assets critical to U.S. defense and the ability to coordinate their own attacks.

The exercise took place in a special training facility in the Mojave Desert
The exercise took place in a special training facility in the Mojave Desert

“Our success has proven that the new command force concept is more deadly and sophisticated than ever before, and I am immensely proud of every member of the LRG and their vital contribution,” said Lieutenant Colonel Andy Dow, Commanding Officer for 40 Commando.

“Working with our partners from the United States, the Netherlands, Canada and the UAE gives us a great opportunity to test, integrate and continue to push our capabilities in new and innovative directions.”

“Through this deployment, our focus has been on integrating game-changing capabilities from the entire command force to deliver disproportionate power to a free-thinking peer opponent,” added Lieutenant Colonel Dow.

Royal Navy Commandos defeated US forces in training exercises
Royal Navy Commandos are entitled to wear green berets

When the exercise ended with an attack at the last minute, the Allied forces successfully repulsed them, and the game eventually ended with the British and Allied forces controlling more than two-thirds of the entire battlefield.

The Ministry of Defense said that the broadcast had ensured that the command element in LRG South is ready for operations from next year, responding to events taking place around the world.

LRG North has already been deployed to the Baltic Sea this year, it says.

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