SantaCon returns to NYC on December 11 after pandemic

Old St. Nick is waking up from his long winter sleep to the nightmare before Christmas: SantaCon.

After canceling last year’s holiday festivities due to the ongoing pandemic, drunken partygoers’ annual holiday slop party is making its troubled comeback to NYC.

And you better watch out, because SantaCon 2021 will unleash chaos on the streets on December 11, with drunken elves causing trouble in Manhattan.

The infamous booze-filled event requires a donation of $ 13 to receive a Santa Claus badge for all-inclusive access to the official SantaCon venues. Where the Christmas party starts, however, will not be revealed until closer to the date.

Naughty or nice, the participants must wear costumes for the event, which starts at. 10 on the dot.

The Christmas party will also require proof of vaccination at the doors to gain access. The official website also suggests that partygoers bring cash and a Metrocard – but no mention of bringing dignity or good manners.

“Comfortable hiking boots and layers to keep you warm from the North Pole to the Stripper Pole” and “your happy f-king Christmas mood” are also necessities to have a good time, organizers said.

A person dressed as Santa is drinking a beer at SantaCon on December 14, 2019.
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Hoboken’s SantaCon bash last December was branded a superspreader event and was also canceled.

“Our only goal as mayor and police chief is to keep Hoboken residents safe, and an unapproved, crowded bar crawl would have posed significant challenges related to the pandemic,” Mayor Ravi Bhalla and police chief Kenneth Ferrante said in a joint statement at the time. . .

“We are pleased to share that SantaCon has been officially canceled by the event organizers, which will help protect Hoboken residents from a potential superspreader-type event,” the couple continued.


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