Scary footage shows the killer arriving at the sports field before Josh Hall’s stabbing

Scary footage shows the moment a killer walked up to a Gloucestershire sports ground while calmly carrying his knife hidden under his clothes.

During the short CCTV footage, released by Gloucestershire Police, you can see the killer, who has not been named for legal reasons, slowly approaching the Bulldogs cricket ground in Cam.

A few minutes later, another clip shows him running out, and seem confused by going in one direction and then switching to another.

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Within that time, Josh Hall had been stabbed to death six times.

Today, a jury found the 16-year-old guilty of the murder of Josh Hall at his trial at Gloucester Crown Court.

Josh and the defendant belonged to separate friendship groups around the age of two, and the defendant had told the court that there had been “some friction” in the six months leading up to the incident.

On Monday, April 13, 2021, the defendant sent a message to Josh, in which he said, “We are coming after you. Where are you?”

Josh replies, “No, you’re okay”.

The accused teenager admitted during the trial that he had eaten at Josh in the days before the murder.

On Friday, April 16, 2021, the defendant and Josh agreed to meet on the cricket field at 13.30 (CCTV footage above shows the accused arriving).

Josh waited for some steps, and as the defendant approached, a fight ensued between them.

At 1:20 p.m., Josh had received six serious stab wounds. A horizontal stab went into his abdomen, through his liver and cut his vertebrae, which eventually proved fatal.

Another stab wound in his hand was later used by the prosecution to demonstrate that he was trying to defend himself against the knife.

During the trial, the defendant admitted to having taken the murder weapon, a boning knife, with him to the confrontation, but claimed that he carried it everywhere in the same way as his mobile phone and did not intend to use it.

A photo of Josh Hall published by his family
A photo of Josh Hall published by his family

The 16-year-old broke down in tears and was comforted by his mother after he was found guilty of murdering teenager Josh.

His mother stood next to him for the publication of the verdict, which had taken three hours and nine minutes to reach, and hugged him before being led down into the cells.

A preliminary date for sentencing is set for December 17.

Later, Josh’s parents issued a statement saying, “They said, ‘Although no verdict can at all undo the horrific acts of violence against Josh, we have deeply felt and appreciated the continued hard work of everyone involved in the prosecution of this sag.

“As Josh’s parents and the parents of Josh’s brother, we feel that all parents need to learn an urgent and desperate lesson in order to pay more attention to and get involved in their young people’s lives, especially on social media.

“In the same way, too many lives are being ruined by knives, with social media an aggravating factor.”

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