Sunrise’s Nat Barr wins big after the first Melbourne Cup bet ever

Sunrise host Natalie Barr has revealed she won big after placing a bet on the Melbourne Cup on Tuesday – her first ever bet.

Nat bet $ 50 on Verry Elleegant after sports host Mark Beretta’s mother Joan revealed the horse was her favorite to win the race. Joan shares her racing tips Sunrise viewers every year.

Sunrise hosts at the desk

Sunrise’s Natalie Barr has revealed that she won big in her first ever Melbourne Cup bet on Tuesday with her co-hosts calling her ‘Moneybags’. Photo: Seven

Night ended up winning $ 800 after choosing the winning horse of the day.

“Didn’t win the Oz Lotto, won the Cup, what about you Miss Moneybags, this morning?” Edwina Bartholomew told Nat.

“Amazing, you did better than Oz Lotto yesterday!” Mark joked.

“Oh, not quite two and a half million,” Nat said, adding, “No, I was very excited, 800 bucks I won. I was so excited!

“And you know how many people sent me messages yesterday saying, ‘I followed Berett’s mother’s tips too!'”


When Kochie asked if Mark had also followed his mother’s tips, he said, “Of course I would never let go!”

Nat then explained that it took her an hour to figure out how to get a TAB account, while Kochie joked that she should have just asked Mark to use one of his “secret” accounts.

“It does not exist,” Mark joked.

Then he gave Nat the newspaper and told her there is another race today if she would bet on it, but Edwina scolded him and said to Nat, “No! Take your money out and spend it on something you can retain.”

“I do not know how to get it out.” said Nat with a laugh.

Flemington Racecourse 2021

Nat bet $ 50 on Verry Elleegant, who won the Melbourne Cup. Photo: Getty

Kochie joked that this was the start of a new passion for horse racing, where Mark joked: “We’re going to have a lot of fun at the pub one Saturday afternoon.”

It comes after Kochie recently learned about some of his co-hosts’ “wear” nocturnal habits.

Last week, Kochie learned that he is the only team member to take a bath before bed, where the topic sparked a heated debate between the hosts when discussing a list of questions one should ask their partner before getting married.

“‘Do you take a shower before you go to bed?’, I think it’s a big one,” Kochie said as he suggested other questions to add to the list. “Some people do not!”

It did not take long before Nat, Edwina and Mark each admitted that they only prayed in the morning, which left Kochie horrified.

Kochie went on to explain that he bathes both at night and in the morning, which Nat and Eddy considered a “waste of water”.

Sunrise hosts

Mark joked that he and Nat would have a lot of fun placing bets in the future. Photo: Seven

“No, these are quick showers and I don’t have to wash my hair,” he replied. “I just like to be clean!”

Despite his colleagues mocking him for not being “green” like the rest of them, Kochie continued to be confused about their showering habits.

“So you go all day and have all that dirt and get into your jammies and get the dirt in bed ?! Are you doing a flannel drying somewhere?” he asked.

Nat clarified, however, that she takes a shower before bedtime if she has exercised, but not if she “has had a clean day”.

The next day, the debate was brought up again when Sunrise consumer correspondent Shaun White joked that a new mattress lasts longer if you take a shower before bedtime.

“If you did not see us yesterday, I’m the only one on the team who has a shower before bed, which I thought was a little disgusting on behalf of everyone else.”

With reporting by Lachlan Guertin.

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