Team GO Rocket returns during Pokemon GO’s Festival of Lights event

Generation I fans may remember Giovanni as being the malicious leader of Team GO Rocket. He has been MIA for a while. But in November, Giovanni might make a comeback in Pokemon GO.

With the new Festival of Lights event, it looks like Team GO Rocket will not be good enough again.

Team GO Rocket’s potential return: Pokemon GO

The Festival of Lights event kicks off in Pokemon GO on November 5th. Four days later, another event entitled “With light comes shadow” begins.

Although not much is known about the event, it is clear that Team GO Rocket will return and Grunts will show up more often at PokeStops.

The reason behind Team Rockets comeback

It seems that Team Rocket’s return has something to do with Hoopa’s arrival on Pokemon GO. This new mythical Pokemon has reportedly caught Team Rocket’s attention.

At the start of the Season of Mischief, it was announced that Giovanni had gone into hiding, but with the resurgence of Team GO Rocket for this event, his comeback is almost certain.

Team Rockets return will take place after Festival of Lights begins (Image via Niantic)
Team Rockets return will take place after Festival of Lights begins (Image via Niantic)

Charged TM

However, coaches will get a huge gift from this event. Charged TMs will be handed out to trainers so they can make a Shadow Pokemon forget ‘Frustration’.

Any trainer with a Shadow Pokemon knows how bad a move ‘Frustration’ is. This charging feature has only 20 base power, making it virtually useless. But with this ChargeTM, coaches can replace this move right away.

Shadow Pokemon will be mighty with ChargeTMs

While it is uncertain which Shadow Pokemon will be available through the ‘With Light Comes Darkness’ event, certain Pokemon can become very powerful.

Looking at the Master League rankings for PvPoke, Shadow Pokemons is very high on the list. Shadow Mamoswine, Zapdos and even Snorlax hold high places in this meta and Shadow Mewtwo who, needless to say, is insanely strong.

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