That’s why the star players’ days look counted at Collingwood Football Club

Jordan De Goey parties before his arrest in New York.

Jordan De Goey parties before his arrest in New York.Credit:Instagram

That the New York Police Department has dropped the most worrying charge – the second time a charge for that streak has been dropped in a matter of months (after Vic Police was forced to pay its legal costs by dropping the charge of indecent assault) – is quite surely a small but important victory for De Goey from a sad scenario.

If De Goey had been convicted of “coercion”, his viability as an AFL footballer – in any club – would be in serious doubt, as several AFL insiders have told me.

But the drop in this charge means that if and when Collingwood rejects him, he is more fearful of the other 17 clubs who believe they could use an exquisitely talented midfielder / striker who will be available without a draft. costs and far fewer dollars than $ 750,000 plus he would otherwise have ordered.

Getting into a punch-up, if it actually happened, will be forgiven more easily by another club. Based on the story, it would be surprising if at least one club was not willing to bet on De Goey solely based on the cost-benefit equation.

Collingwood is a different story because the Pies are nowhere near a premier contender and would know that at least they will not push for a flag for a few years. De Goey’s value as a Collingwood footballer has therefore diminished and they will also outweigh other factors – sponsors, brand, the standards of a new coach, potential for further distraction and not least that the club staff spend a disproportionate amount of their time with to deal with him.


Collingwood’s problem is that due to the terrible timing of this incident – almost three weeks after the end of the trading period – the club has greatly reduced the prospects of getting any return for a player who, if he had left a limited free agent this year, would likely command a first-round compensation election.

Now the Pies can only get drafts back if they are willing to keep De Goey on their playlist throughout 2022. Even then, his value will be reduced, depending on events in New York.

The Pies can also hope to win by quitting De Goey as soon as the process allows, and then save a decent portion of his substantial 2022 salary, which is thought to exceed $ 700,000.

One would assume that the Magpies will carefully examine whether there is any way to win, in draft or more feasible in salary cap, by losing their most talented match winner.

The only sure saving at this point will be on the cultural front. And that, given Collingwood’s land, will probably be enough.

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