The Canberra Hospital Master Plan is close to being released as work begins on the expansion center

ACT Health Secretary Rachel Stephen-Smith

ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith is convinced the Canberra Hospital Expansion project is nearing completion in 2024. Photo: Michelle Kroll.

The final form of the ACT Government’s 20-year vision for Canberra Hospital’s campus will soon be known with the pending release of its master plan.

The Canberra Hospital Master Plan has been a separate process for the $ 600 million Canberra Hospital Expansion project, which is now underway. The expansion marked a milestone on Monday, November 1, with construction beginning on the central building to provide more emergency department, surgical and critical treatment capacity to ACT and the surrounding region.

The Canberra Hospital Master Plan will guide the campus’ transformation, which includes the expansion project.

The ACT government has also released a video animation of the expansion project, which takes viewers through the development stages to completion.

ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith said the Cabinet will take its final consideration of Canberra Hospital’s master plan “very soon”.

The Canberra Hospital Master Plan was cut to two options after the first public consultation, and in July 2021 it was released for public consultation, which closed on 1 September.

One option provides a cohesive design that co-locates the central clinical health services in the northern part of the campus and has a large, central open space.

It has an independent logistics center to handle services related to medical supplies, waste, laundry and food, with dedicated access, and also offers an internal loop-road network and pedestrian paths.

The second option also provides space for long-term future expansion, but has a smaller central open space and an extra large open space north of the primary clinical service tower.

The logistics center is located under the new central open space and fills some of the potential underground car park.

In July 2021, Stephen-Smith said the feedback received showed that the community wants an accessible and safe hospital campus that is easy to navigate.

She said on Monday, November 1, that not everything in the master plan will happen from one day to the next, but it will give people an impression of where Canberra Hospital is headed.

“How we seek to build not just a clinically excellent environment that integrates education and research as well as fantastic patient care, but also how we create a greener and more healing environment for our staff and for our patients and their families,” said Ms Stephen-Smith .

She said that with the start of construction, hospital staff, patients and visitors will now begin to see the Critical Services Building take shape.

“Critical Services Building will give us a bigger and better emergency department; a significant increase in the number of operating rooms; several beds; and more capacity to perform critical care at Canberra Hospital, which is so important, not just for the ACT people, but also for the surrounding regions, ”said Stephen-Smith.

She said a lot of preparatory work had already been done, including the construction of the new building 8, which officially opened in June 2021, as well as a new administration building and renovation of spaces across campus.

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Demolition work is well advanced, and on Monday, November 1, excavation began for the new ambulance bay and basement. Cranes are expected to be erected early next year.

Stephen-Smith said despite some disruption to the project due to COVID-19, she remains confident it is nearing completion in 2024.

Major Projects Canberra CEO and Chief Project Officer Duncan Edghill said the structure itself should be built by early 2023, when the decor begins.

He said the project’s contractor, Multiplex, will work with clinicians on the interior design, including creating prototypes so facilities can be seen in proper shape before they are built and so clinicians can train in those locations before the facility becomes operational. .

Ms Stephen-Smith said the ACT government will continue to work with consumers, clinicians and society to create a truly healing environment; to ensure that clinical spaces function effectively; and to help the hospital’s neighbors deal with the project’s impact on the surrounding environment.

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