This Toronto house has just won a major international award for its design

Maybe the owners could not agree on an exterior, or maybe it was just a bold designer statement, but this Toronto home has two exteriors. Except it does not.

Located near Scarborough Bluffs, Out (Side) In House was designed by Toronto-based Atelier RZLBD from 2017 to 2018 and completed construction this year.

out in the house torontoThe 3,120-square-foot, two-story home is welcomed with an exterior described by the architects as “broken recessed in the middle into two volumes, which are pulled apart and mixed so the fractures face outward and the outer walls face the central void.”

But it is not the exterior that defines the home. No, it’s actually the home’s quirky interior – designed to look like the exterior of a house – that sets this house apart from others in the area.

out in the house torontoFor the fifth year in a row, the architectural firm is among the winners of the International Architecture MasterPrize, this time their Out (side) In House, awarded in the category of interior interiors.

The eye-catching space of the house, a double-height atrium, is beautifully lit from above, and natural light illuminates its bricks and tiles.

out in the house toronto

A fireplace at the south end of the house has a sunken area with seating.

out in the house toronto

To the north, a skylight stretches the entire height of the house and frames a raised plant box capable of adding a shot of green to the room.

out in the house toronto

This skylight also allows sunlight to penetrate three levels into the cellar, where a fancy wine cellar and bar can be found.

out in the house toronto

The second floor of the house is traversed by a bridge that spans the atrium, which connects to another completely unique space.

out in the house toronto

A room called the “cocoon” is a strange little room adjacent to the bedroom.

Completely covered in fabric without anything separating walls, floors and ceilings beyond a small skylight, the limited area of ​​the cocoon, visual peculiarity and sound-absorbing properties are combined for a surreal experience.

out in the house toronto

How much does this unconventional home cost? The truth is, we do not know. The unnamed owners have withheld the price and exact location of this house, apparently not looking to sell or attract attention.


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