Tilly Ramsay’s tip for a perfect, soft result

If you have followed Famous MasterChef travel close, you will know that the contestant (and daughter of the famous chef Gordon Ramsay) Tilly Ramsay produced another that impressed both the judges and the audience. But perhaps the most notable part of her recipe, though, was her hack to make perfect roasted potatoes.

If you missed the cooking tip the first time, you’re in luck because the team at Famous MasterChef 2021 shared a review of the hack with us – which we will pass on to you here.

What are Tilly Ramsay’s perfect roasted potatoes?

Tilly Ramsay fried potatoes
MasterChef roasts potato hack. Image credit: Network 10

It’s pretty simple, really.

In the episode, Ramsay shared that she first cooked her potatoes until they were “just tender”. When she was ready, she drained the water from the pot.

She explained that:

“I keep them in the pot, steaming – with something over the top – and then, to get them really airy and crispy and delicious, but still really airy inside, just shake them in the pot like this [imitates shaking] to whip up their exterior. “

Tilly Ramsay
MasterChef roasts potato hack. Image credit: Network 10

While cooking underneath Famous MasterChef, so we Ramsay use this hack for good use. She took a baking sheet and put it over the top of her pot of potatoes, and using a tea towel (safety first) she held the tray and the pot together while giving them -one god shake.

You could hear Ramsay’s contestants cheering on her in the background, hissing and ahhende over her technique before shouting that she should make a TikTok video out of the mashed potatoes. Which honestly is not a bad idea.

After shaking up the boiled potatoes, Ramsay then put them in a large pot and put them in andefedt, “so that [the potatoes] gets some better taste ”.

The last step is to throw the potatoes in an oven or tray, “then straight into the oven and turn up the heat”.

Follow these steps and you should have yourself some perfect roasted potatoes. Oh, and if you want to learn how to make a steak that goes with your potatoes, check out the smart cooking hack shared by Melissa Leong.

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