Vancouver Asian Film Festival programming addresses discrimination

Elimin8Hate presented film and panel participates in the VAFF calendar for the 25th anniversary

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“It’s E8’s mission to harness the power of art, film and media to educate the public about the racism our society continues to face and find a way forward,” said Barbara Lee, founder of Elimin8Hate and VAFF, in a news release.

Part of the 25th anniversary, which runs in cinemas 4.-7. November and online 7.-13. November, the afternoon of movies is scheduled to take place on November 7, beginning at noon, at the Cineplex Odeon International Village.

The three films, which are to be shown for a total of 135 minutes of playing time, are intended to highlight some of the key problems that Asian-Canadians face.

“Unfortunately, anti-Asian hatred is not a new topic and has plagued our society for years,” Lee says. “What we consume matters because it shapes the way we see the world and ourselves.”

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The planned programming marks the world premiere of Lynda, directed by E8 Ambassador Eileen Park Robertson, who highlights the desire of Asian-Canadians to regain their names. Emergence: Out of the Shadows by director Vinay Giridhar is looking to come out while he is part of a very conservative South Asian family.

The third film on the program is What Flowers They Bloom, by C. Hudson Hwang. The documentary looks at the Asian-Canadian small business owner, Andy Sue, as he deals with the trauma caused by racism he experienced during the pandemic.

On November 9, E8 will also present a panel that will discuss how media can shape a person’s worldview and what can be done to continue moving toward a racially just society.

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