Weather in the UK: Latest snow as the Met Office marks the risk of two weeks of “wintry showers”.

Many people enjoy the beautiful colors of autumn across the country when the countdown to Christmas officially begins.

For some, the red, orange, and yellow colors of the season can only be topped by the bright white of snow-covered landscapes in winter.

And the Met Office has said the UK could see some winter showers over a two-week period in late November.

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In its latest long-term forecast, it said the increased chance of winter showers is coming from Wednesday, November 17th to Wednesday, December 1st.

The winter showers – which can often include sleet or light snow – will come from the north and north-west of the UK.

And although they will initially fall over higher terrain, there is also a lower risk of lower levels towards the end of November.

We could also see more typical winter weather with frost and fog as temperatures drop slightly colder than average in the latter half of November.

Some good news, it will probably be less history and windy and there should be less rain than usual for the season.

Below, we’ll take a look at the weather forecast for Bristol and the south-west from the Met Office, and then all the details about its long-distance views in the UK.

Bristol weather

Wednesday will be dry and any sunshine will disappear while the cloud comes in completely after noon with temperatures of 11C. Thursday will see plenty of sun and temperature peaks of 10C. On Friday it will be cloudy, but dry in the city (11C).

Light rain will come on Saturday with temperatures of 13C, followed by a cloudy Sunday and Monday (12C) with more rain Tuesday morning.

Regional forecast for southwest

Today: A bright and windy day across Devon and Cornwall with bright or sunny periods and scattered showers. Further east there is more sunshine after a cool start, but also a few individual afternoon showers. Maximum temperature 12C.

Tonight: Showers will continue over Cornwall tonight and overnight, but elsewhere it will be dry with often clear skies. Gets cool for many in the morning. Minimum temperature 2C.

Thursday: West Cornwall will continue to see occasional showers during the day, but elsewhere it will be dry with bright or sunny periods. Feels cool in the wind. Maximum temperature 12C

Prospects for Friday to Sunday: Dry on Friday with bright or sunny periods. Cloudy and windy Saturday, but generally dry and becoming milder. Rain Saturday night disappears to fine, dry conditions Sunday.

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UK long range forecast

From Sunday, November 7 to Tuesday, November 16

Wind gusts are likely in the far north and northeast at the beginning of the period, but these are clearing up quickly. Otherwise lots of nice, dry weather with long sunshine. Rain and thicker clouds will then steadily penetrate from the west and northwest.

Throughout the week beginning on the 8th, areas of low pressure lying north or northwest of the UK will bring turbulent conditions that predominantly affect the north and west, with some heavy rain and strong winds followed by cooler, more rainy interludes.

The driest and clearest weather is likely to be in the southeast, where rain showers will often be weak. Temperatures generally around the average during this period, although short cold spells are possible.

From Wednesday 17 November to Wednesday 1 December

During this period, there is an increased chance of winter showers from the north and northwest, initially over higher terrain, but also a low risk at lower levels later in the month. Although there are few signs of prolonged, widespread stable weather, conditions are likely to be less stormy and windy. Where there are more stable periods, frost and fog are more and more likely, with temperatures slightly colder than average. Generally stays drier than average.

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