You can start Instagram Story threads with the new Add Yours feature

You can start Instagram Story threads with the new Add Yours feature

Instagram expands how interactive Instagram stories can become. Recently announced, the new feature of the social media app called Add Yours is essentially a new interactive sticker you can add to your stories.

Once the sticker has been added to your story, others can press the “Add Yours” button inside it and share their own video or image to the story, essentially creating a thread. The new way to interact with friends and followers on Instagram is already available as long as your app has been updated to the latest version.

Other previously available interactive stickers you can add to your Instagram stories include mentions, sliders, polls, and even quizzes.

In related news, Instagram announced earlier this year that it is working on a child version of the app, as currently only people aged 13 and up are allowed on the platform, and it is not exactly a child-friendly one. But right now, an Instagram Kids app has not yet been released and is currently a “break” project.

Instagram also started requests the dates of birth of all its users in order to “protect younger people” in its community. People who refuse to comply with this request will be asked several times, and after some time, they will be asked to give the Facebook-owned social network their age to continue using it.

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