You do not dream that the complete Sandman Box set is really 40% off

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If you look up some of these guides for “The Comics You Need Read”, there’s a pretty good chance that The Sandman will be there. And for good reason, because it’s highly regarded as one of the best comics ever.

Originally released in 1989, this is the series that launched co-creator and author Neil Gaiman to superstar status, with the main series and its spin-offs winning 26 Eisner Awards.

If you’ve heard of The Sandman but never read it, now is a pretty good time to finally dive into the classic cartoon series, because you can currently pick up The Sandman box set for $ 265.50 instead of $ 445. That’s a solid 40% discount.

This box set contains the 10 volumes that collect the original The Sandman comics, along with Endless nights graphic novel, the Opening prequel miniseries, and both the prose and comic book versions of The dream hunters.

There are many comics, which is great if you are someone who likes to buy an entire series at once, or if you need to replace your much-loved and read copies. Christmas is also just around the corner and this set would be a great gift for that special goth friend in your life.

sandman cartoon
Photo: The Sandman: Preludes & Nocturnes cover by Dave McKean / DC Comics

The Sandman begins with Morpheus, the personification of dreams that is torn from his dream kingdom and imprisoned on Earth by an occultist seeking eternal life.

After escaping his decades-long imprisonment, this vast dark fantasy epic follows Morpheus as he attempts to regain his powers. His journey follows him as he travels through the real world, the worlds of classical mythologies, the actual hell and the realms of the endless, which are his siblings and the personification of fate, destruction, lust, despair, delirium and death.

With a Netflix adaptation on the way and a pretty awesome Audible series available at the moment, now is a good time to pick up the iconic cartoon and finally see what all the fuss is about. You will not be disappointed, we promise.

You can take hold The Sandman box set here.

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