Wed. May 25th, 2022

An event about collecting fall magazines turned into a party when DC Mayor Muriel Bowser and Acting Inspector Christina Grant announced DC Teacher of the Year 2022 in front of an audience of students, colleagues and even the recipient’s daughter.

Dominique Foster, a pre-K 4 teacher at Friendship Public Charter School [PCS] Blow Pierce Campus in the Northeast, beamed with pride as she received the honor and a $ 7,500 check on Thursday, October 28 in the afternoon.

With her daughter standing nearby, Foster approached the podium and shook hands with Bowser and Grant before thanking her tutor, colleagues and students.

“Thanks guys. I love Friendship PCS Blow Pierce [and] I’m not leaving right now, ”said Foster. “This has always been at home. The resources you provide are the reason we excel. You are family, and everyone I work with, I love you.”

Grant said the Office of the State Superintendent of Education [OSSE] Foster, a teacher for nearly two decades in her ninth year at Friendship PCS Blow Pierce, chose among thousands of graduates because of her unique dedication to the subject. Earlier this year, she helped her school in its efforts to fully transition to personal learning.

During that time, Foster maintained close communication with families, including those with whom she collaborated on virtual education. Since the personal classes started this year, Foster has used video conferencing apps and lunch activities to reunite parents with preschoolers who experience separation anxiety after more than a year at home.

“Everyone knows how big you are [because] you are at the forefront of ensuring that our children learn personally and virtually, ”Grant said. “Through your commitment to service, you transformed the school community. I am grateful for what you have done.”

As the 2022 DC Teacher of the Year, Foster will have access to professional development opportunities and represent the district in the 2022 National Teacher of the Year competition. Under OSCE rules, award recipients must be able to inspire and accelerate student growth, build strong partnerships with families and communities, and promote the teaching profession.

Dawn Scott, elementary school principal at Friendship PCS Blow Pierce Campus, said Foster fits the profile of a first-class instructor. She highlighted Foster’s penchant for creating an engaging classroom environment, getting the best out of her students and doing what it takes to ensure they excel in the classroom.

“Miss Foster is laser-focused at work, and she makes sure her students are well-rounded,” said Scott, who has been in her role for nearly five years.

“She speaks to them as scholars. She is a lifelong student and uses it to change the path of her students. They are always prepared for the next grade. Ms. Foster does a beautiful job of making sure that what she does becomes done from the heart, ”Scott said.

Photo by Sam PK Collins


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