Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

A superhero throws a portal after another superhero on a city street in the Marvel's Midnight Suns, which has been delayed from March 2022 to the end of 2022.

Screenshot: Firaxis

Despite the fact that it has just been announced less than three months ago, Marvel’s midnight sun, a tactical role-playing game in the style of XCOM, has been delayed, developer Firaxis Games announced today. It will now come out in the back half of 2022, pushed out of a previously guarded March 2022 window.

“We decided to push our launch because we need more time to make this the best possible game,” creative director Jake Solomon and senior franchise producer Garth DeAngelis wrote in a joint statement on Twitter. “These extra months will be used to add more history, film and overall polish and will be crucial in helping us make our vision a reality.”

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Like the studio’s previous games, Marvel’s midnight sun is a tactical game that sees you move characters around demarcated battlefields in turn-based combat. You create your own bespoke superhero, which merges with other Marvel pillars, including Dr. Strange, Iron Man and Wolverine – which by the way get their own big budget treatment from Insomniac. (Let’s hear it for Marvel’s incessant expansion to video games.)

Despite XCOM pedigree, early recordings of Marvel’s midnight sun has shown a tactical game that is a little more forgiving. First, there is no permadeath. Strange, it will have a card system, which seems to be at its peak these days (cough, cough Back 4 Blood). You obviously also have direct superpowers reminiscent of the abilities of last year’s lukewarmly received XCOM: Chimera Squad. Som Salomon told Polygon, these design choices are meant to evoke a sense that you are truly a wild superhero, spandex and all.

As IGN’s Reb Valentine notes, Marvel’s midnight sun has been pushed out of Take-Two’s current fiscal year and into the next.

“We could not be more excited [Marvel’s Midnight Suns]. We do not love when we have to throw a title. It is not so common for us; it has been very uncommon in recent years, ”Strauss Zelnick, head of Take-Two, whose 2018 game Red Dead Redemption 2 was delayed several times, told IGN. “This is a situation where we thought it made sense, and that’s why we’re behind it.”


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