Penticton fines $ 75,000 for their part in the immigration fraud scheme – Penticton News

Penticton’s Singla Brothers Holdings has been fined $ 75,000 for their involvement in an immigration fraud scheme.

On Wednesday, the well-known local firm experienced their fate after previously pleading guilty to six federal immigration offenses.

The court heard that in 2016, the company falsified employment and payroll documents that allowed “at least 22” foreign nationals to enter the country and obtain official immigration status.

Singla Brothers was one of several companies and individuals charged in British Columbia following a major investigation by the Canada Border Services Agency in 2018. Also Randhir (Randy) Toor, president of Desert Hills Estate Winery in Oliver, and others on Lower Mainland is charged. .

Ian Donaldson, a lawyer for Singla Brothers, characterized the business owner’s involvement as deeply regretted, saying the company did not profit from it – instead, he said, co-owner Paul Singla signed documents he should not have because he trusted an acquaintance.

He said Singla went along with requests from the lower mainland-based immigration consultants in Can-Asia to provide payslips and job descriptions to workers, sometimes for employment opportunities that did not actually exist. At that time, Can-Asia also helped a relative of Singla enter the country.

Donaldson said Singla “deeply regrets” the situation.

“[Singla] apologizes to the court and the Crown’s lawyer and to the rest of Canada for the consequences of his actions through the company, “he said.

Singla had previously faced charges in person, but they were exposed in favor of the charges against his company.

Judge Gregory Koturbash handed down his verdict in the provincial court on Wednesday, going along with the proposed $ 75,000 fine, which was a joint submission from the Crown and the defense.

“I think sometimes people get caught up in schemes and the schemes grow bigger than expected. But if you just steer clear of those kinds of schemes, you will sleep well,” he said, adding that his hope Singla takes these words to the heart going forward.

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