Fri. Jan 21st, 2022

A graphics card that ominously floats in a purple void.

Picture: EVGA / Kotaku

According to EVGA, one of NVidia’s primary manufacturers, a shipment of GTX 30series graphics card has been stolen from a truck in California. I do not care how much you think you need more pictures per second, you should not rob a truck to do so. The setting is just not worth it. I promise you your eyes will adjust to the frame rate a game can throw at you in … a few minutes, max.

For those of you who are happily ignorant, graphics cards seem to have become more valuable than certain life-saving drugs. This is the result of a global chip shortage caused by the pandemic, paired with ridiculous levels of demand from gamers and cryptocurrencies. Buying a graphics card has become a nightmare, with all the waiting lists, lotteries, bot-nets and scalpers you can imagine. Now this obscene claim has caused someone to steal an entire shipment of cards.

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Each stolen card is marked with a serial number, so if you try to register these stolen cards, it will not work. However, you do not need to register a graphics card to actually use it, so not only can looped graphics processors fly under the radar, but people who have purchased the said cards may be completely unaware that their card was stolen until they try to register it.

According to EVGA’s post, these cards have a retail value between $ 329.99 and $ 1,999.99. These numbers rise even higher in the used market (a 3060 can give you as much as $ 600, double the retail price) where these cards are likely to be sold.

The shipment was stolen as it was on its way to an EVGA distribution facility, so the lucky few waiting for an existing order have no need to worry. However, new buyers are at least unlucky for this shipment.

Hopefully the mass shortage will be resolved before GPUs replace paper money in the post-metaverse, the post-apocalypse we are going into in a few years.


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