Sun. Jul 3rd, 2022

A resident of Kelowna counts his blessings after being in an extremely shocking incident.

The woman lives alone in her apartment, which an unknown man entered at 3 o’clock on Wednesday.

“I woke up and sat up and there was a man standing in my (bedroom) doorway I could see his silhouette,” the woman told Global News on Friday.

“I could feel him in his underwear because I could see his body, and he whispered to me, ‘Do you live here? Is this your place? ‘”

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The woman, whose identity will be kept hidden for security reasons, said she quickly jumped out of bed and went into her living room, where the man had undressed and had made a bed on her couch.

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After the woman repeatedly asked the man to go, she ran out into her hallway, where she went to a neighbor for help.

When the woman and a neighbor returned to her apartment, the man had fled and left through the patio door to the ground floor apartment.

“He was five feet from where I slept,” the woman said.

“He could have cracked me over the head and I would not have woken up. He could have done anything to me. People need to make sure to check their locks.”

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According to the witness and the police, the suspect is described as a Caucasian man, five feet-six inches tall, with a slender build, shaved head and wearing a red bandana, a dark hoodie and gray sweatpants.

The woman said she was sure she locked her door but is not sure if it was locked properly.

“People need to go outside (of their homes) and test their doors and windows and make sure they are locked. This could have been worse, this could have been much worse.”

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The Kelowna RCMP was not available for an interview, but confirmed that there was an intrusion into the apartment.

In a statement, police said: “We urge all residents of Central Okanagan to ensure that their homes are secured by closing and locking all exterior doors and windows. We also urge residents to adjust to the 9pm routine to make it a habit to ensure that their vehicle and whereabouts are secured at night. “

A routine at 21.00 will include ensuring that all doors and windows are closed and locked, storing all valuables that can be seen from the outside in both vehicles and inside homes, securing sheds and outbuildings and turning on exterior lights.

Anyone with possible information about intrusion into the home should contact Kelowna RCMP.

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The Kelowna Mounties speak out against a number of high-profile racist incidents

The Kelowna Mounties speak out against a number of high-profile racist incidents

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