Toronto police launch ‘Stay Focused, Stay Safe’ road safety campaign as clocks drop an hour back

Toronto police have launched a road safety campaign urging everyone to stay focused and safe.

From November 5 to 14, members of the Traffic Services unit will be out to educate the local community about road safety as well as enforce “The Big 4” driver behavior: aggressive, distracted and hampered driving and speeding.

The ‘Stay Focused, Stay Safe’ campaign aims to remind motorists, cyclists and pedestrians that road safety is a shared responsibility, police said in a press release on 4 November.

Summer time ended on Sunday, November 7th. Typically, returning to standard time results in an increase in pedestrian-involved accidents. On average, such collisions increase by 30 percent in the weeks after the time change, police say.

So far this year, 49 people, including 21 pedestrians, have died on the streets of Toronto.

Toronto police want to ensure that this deadly trend does not continue, as visibility is reduced for road users across the city and offers the following safety tips:

• Give yourself extra time to get to your destination

• Drive within the speed limit and adjust to the conditions

• Expect the unexpected and be extra careful when going through intersections

• Make sure your vehicle is in good condition and use your full lighting system

• Be aware of your surroundings and be aware of other road users

Toronto’s Vision Zero Road Safety Plan recognizes that while collisions are unavoidable, accidents in which people are killed or seriously injured are both preventable and unacceptable.

“Zero injuries and deaths on our roads are the number we should all be working towards,” Toronto police said in a statement.


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