Fri. Aug 19th, 2022

Los Angeles police are warning residents of an ongoing trend toward subsequent robbery.

Suspects have located victims before following them and committing robbery when the victim arrives at their home or business, according to a security bulletin published by the department’s robbery-killing department.

Authorities say the victims have been followed from places like the Los Angeles jewelry district, nightclubs and upscale restaurants and along Melrose Avenue.


Violent crime is rampant across the country, and the Melrose area surpasses other parts of the city.

In September, figures from the LAPD over the past year showed that Wilshire and nearby Hollywood divisions have seen a nearly 75% increase in gun robbery.

The target of these robberies has been expensive jewelry, including watches and necklaces, as well as expensive purses. Victims have also been targeted based on the type of vehicle they are driving.

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These crimes have taken place throughout Los Angeles City as well as in the surrounding cities.

The following are recommendations for community members:

  • Pay attention to one’s surroundings for something unusual or out of the ordinary before leaving your car, leaving a restaurant, shop, mall or club.
  • Be careful about displaying high-value property in public, such as purses, watches and jewelry.
  • Register and report suspicious activity to the police (write down suspicious suspect / vehicle descriptions).
  • If you are driving and think you are being followed, call 911. If possible, drive to the nearest police station.
  • If you are robbed, do not resist the suspects; cooperation and meet their requirements. Be a good witness.
  • After a robbery, immediately call the police department by calling 911. Immediately write down everything you can remember about the crime, suspects and suspects’ vehicles.
  • Do not chase or track the suspected robbery out of your place of business or your home. Leave the job of catching the suspects to the police.

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