Wed. May 25th, 2022

Reborn from a hippie paradise of the 60s to Toronto’s response to Rodeo Drive and Fifth Avenue, the Yorkville area is changing again in the 21st century.

A wave of condominiums brings a permanent residential presence to the neighborhood, but it comes at the expense of existing buildings.

Another Yorkville property is now officially under construction, and developers have recently proposed replacing an office building at 69 Yorkville Avenue with a towering, mixed-use building that would bring even more expensive luxury apartments to the area.

Owned by Cheong Family Holdings Ltd., the site is currently home to a four-story office building. The owners want to replace this building with a 29-storey tower with a futuristic design by JET Design Architect, defined by a cascade pattern of wooden terraces.

69 yorkville

The existing office building at 69 Yorkville Avenue. Image via Google Street View.

The tower base would enclose the corner building of Yorkville and Bellair, home of the Trattoria Nervosa, with a terrace overlooking Bellair Street that stands in place of a small strip of businesses, including the current Coco Espresso Bar.

69 yorkville

The base of the building would enclose the business on the corner of Yorkville and Bellair. Reproduction by JET Design Architect.

Residents using this recreational deck will be treated to a colorful room overlooking the street scene in Bellair below, but this would not be the only colorful outdoor facility on tap.

69 yorkville

Outdoor facilities on the podium top will overlook the surrounding neighborhood. Reproduction by JET Design Architect.

About 100 meters up in the sky, another outdoor area on the roof would offer some unique views of the city.

69 yorkville

An outdoor rooftop facility would provide even better views from the top of the 29th floor. Reproduction by JET Design Architect.

Anchoring the condominiums to the street scene on Yorkville Avenue, the building base offers 148 square feet of street-level retail space as well as 1,293 square feet of office space on the floors above.

Yorkville will have 143 condominium units if the current plan is approved, with 42 one-bedroom units and a generous number of multi-bedroom units, including 82 two-bedroom and 19 three-bedroom.

69 yorkville

Aerial view of the proposed tower in context. Reproduction by JET Design Architect.

Despite having a subway station only about 85 meters from the development site and 155 bicycle parking spaces in the plans, the proposal includes an astonishing 95 car parking spaces, with 77 earmarked for residents, 14 for visitors and four for office tenants – probably an indication of the affluent Yorkville types. tower attract.

And while it’s still too early to say how much units will cost here, the location and design alone are pretty good hints that this will not be an entry-level home purchase. So start saving up now!


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