Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Senior members of the 1922 Committee of Conservative MPs have been seen walking down Downing Street for a meeting with Boris Johnson.

Their lecture in number 10 comes after one some difficult weeks for the Prime Minister who has seen unrest inside his party on a scale not hitherto seen in his premiere.

Sir Graham Brady, chairman of the committee, confirmed that its board had met Mr johnson, but declined to elaborate on what was being talked about.

The meeting is believed to have been one of a series of regular gatherings that take place throughout the year, where a number of topics are discussed.

A Sky News camera in Downing Street recorded MPs on their way into Downing Street for the meeting.

They were seen smiling and grinning as they came out and lined up for a group photo on the stairs to number 10.

“Good to get back to normal with our periodic meeting between the Executive Committee of the 1922 Committee and our Prime Minister @BorisJohnson at No. 10,” tweeted North West Durham MP Richard Holden.

Media reports have suggested that conservative whips believe some of the party’s MPs have sent letters of no confidence to Sir Graham, such is their dissatisfaction with Mr Johnson’s performance.

The Prime Minister’s handling of The Owen Paterson saga, who saw him instruct Tory MPs to vote for a proposal that ignores the Conservative’s month-long Commons suspension to break the lobbying rules and then later carry out a U-turn after a backlash, angered many in his party.

There has also been unrest over diluted announcements on HS2 and the Northern Powerhouse Rail, as well as a change in social care reforms in the UK.

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“Is Mister Boris Johnson plotting?”

ONE speak to the CBI earlier this week – where the Prime Minister lost his seat, paid tribute to Peppa Pig World’s virtues and made car engine noises – also raised eyebrows.

There have also been reports of tensions between Prime Minister and Chancellor Rishi Sunak, as well as their respective operations in number 10 and number 11.

According to The Times, Mr Sunak is becoming more and more frustrated by the “chaotic” operation next door at number 10.

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Prime Minister loses seat in speech, uses Peppa Pig joke

Its report said the chancellor’s chief of staff, Liam Booth-Smith, was accused of a flammable briefing earlier this week that there is “a lot of concern in the building” about Mr Johnson’s performance.

But the prime minister’s spokesman said the two teams “continue to work very well together at all levels”.

Asked if Mr Johnson trusts Mr Booth-Smith, the spokesman said: “Of course the Prime Minister trusts the No. 11 team. They work very closely together to deliver on public priorities.”

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