Mon. Nov 29th, 2021


Dozens of soldiers are working to build a wall of sandbags around a historic area in BC’s Lower Mainland.

About 90 troops are filling and stacking bags around a creek in Abbotsford’s Clayburn Village on Wednesday to try to prevent flooding.

They estimate that they will need about 22,000 sandbags to complete the job.

The wall will stretch 120 meters long and the troops said they would work on the project until it is finished.

The village, located at the foot of Mount Sumas, was designated a Cultural Heritage Site in 1996, according to a website about its history.

The village and its masonry were built in 1905 when the demand for the product increased. According to the Clayburn Village website, it was the first “corporate town” in BC, meaning it was built by a company – called Clayburn – to provide housing and services to employees at the facility.

Featuring files from CTV News Vancouver’s Michele Brunoro in Abbotsford

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Members of the Canadian Armed Forces are seen in Clayburn Village, Abbotsford, BC (Michele Brunoro / CTV News Vancouver)

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