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Art from the Splinter Cell Blacklist

Picture: Ubisoft

A forum post, locked and pinned to the top of the game’s forums, has had for the past 24 hours Splinter cell fans who thought they were in for some drastic penalty if they continued to submit aid tickets.

Ubisoft representatives are now telling Kotaku that the post was written by a user who imitated an Ubisoft employee, not a member of support staff. It has been deleted and the player responsible for the comments is now also banned.

We apologize for the inconvenience and apologize. The original story follows.

Original story: Splinter Cell: Blacklist was the last right Splinter cell games to be released and I’m sorry to remind everyone it was eight years ago. Nevertheless, it still has some fans who have teamed up enough for really piss Ubisoft’s customer support of.

The game’s multiplayer servers have broken down at the time of writing, and have been for some time. Ubisoft is aware of this and has little interest in correcting them as the game is so old, yet it has not deterred fans from constantly asking about it.

What’s remarkable about this case in particular (since this definitely has to happen all the time with classic games) is that Blacklist fans seem to be spamming Ubisoft’s customer support with requests to have it fixed, to the point where a company representative has written that Ubisoft in response will start banning players who submit support tickets about the servers.

In a post titled “Regarding Online Connectivity Issues”, pasted and locked at the top of game forums, the head of the Ubisoft Customer Relationship Center is writes (highlight theirs):

Hi Splinter Cell Blacklist Fans,

It has been brought to my attention by one of our team leaders here at Ubisoft Customer Support that many users have reported issues connecting to the Splinter Cell Blacklist services when attempting to access the game’s multiplayer or collaboration features.

Don’t worry, we’re aware of the problem. However, given the age of the game in question and the relatively inactive player base, the game team has decided not to spend additional resources on correcting this problem.

It is for this reason that I must ask you, our loyal players, to refrain from opening additional support tickets regarding this issue. My team and I have no input into the decision-making process of the game teams, and by continuing to burden the support team with familiar and unsolvable issues, it only serves to prevent other innocent players from receiving the quick fix they deserve.

Any support tickets submitted regarding this issue in the future will be met with a ban for 7 days. During this period, you will not be able to make purchases through the Ubisoft Store, log in to Ubisoft websites, log in to your Ubisoft account or play through the Ubisoft Connect client. However, you can still play offline. Customer Support will not be able to lift this ban.

Further offenses will be met with a permanent ban.

In addition, all users who use an earlier version of Ubisoft Connect or Uplay starters to work around this issue will be banned. Older versions of Ubisoft Connect are no longer secure, and continued use may result in security breaches to your Ubisoft account or Ubisoft as a whole.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Look, as someone who works for a video game site, I’m about as sympathetic as anyone can be here to the situation of Ubisoft’s support team. When a corner of the internet decides to slap you with messages, it can be a huge pain in the ass, albeit just from an administrative point of view (as the post says, in this case, diverting people‚Äôs time from more action-oriented requests).

But prohibition fans for seven days? And then threaten them with permanent ban, which would lock them out of not just the store, but all the online components of any and all of Ubisoft’s other titles? I understand it, Blacklist is eight years old and no one played it but it’s some shit.

If the support team really has “no input into the decision-making process for the game teams”, then the game teams can hopefully see this now and if they never get to fix them, just turn off the servers and save everyone involved a lot of heartache.

Update November 25 at 01.00The post, which had originally been glued and locked to the top of the game’s forums, has now been removed.

Update 2, November 25, at 01:10 – An Ubisoft representative tells Kotaku that the post was made by a fraudster and has been removed. The original headline and introduction to this story have been altered to reflect this.


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