Mon. Dec 6th, 2021

Watching Midnight Oil live is always an exciting experience, whether it’s at a sweaty pub like the former Selina’s in Coogee Beach, a ballroom in New York or under the wide southern skies of a winery.

But the days of the band’s trekking around Australia and the world are coming to an end, with the legendary Australian band announcing on Friday that their upcoming tour will be their last.

The door has been a bit slammed for future one-off concerts that “support causes they believe in,” the band said in a statement, “but this will be their last tour.”

The series of concerts will be accompanied by the release of a new album titled Resist, which includes 12 new songs recorded with the late bassist Bones Hillman.

Hillman died last year, the same week that Midnight Oil’s latest album, The Makarrata Project, debuted at number one on the ARIA charts.

Four members of Midnight Oil walk down a street as the sun sets behind them
Midnight Oil are releasing their 15th album, which coincides with their latest tour.(Daniel Boud)

Guitarist Jim Moginie paid tribute to Hillman, noting that “a lot has happened over the last five years”.

“A lot has been achieved, and with Bones’ passing, a lot has been lost, so it now feels like we’re at the end of a cycle,” Moginie says.

The band says they are still hoping to record together, but their announcement suggests the understanding that their fiery live shows can only continue as long as frontman Peter Garrett is 68 and his bandmates are not much younger.

“We’ve been playing intense physical concerts since our humble beginnings back in 1977, and we never want to take the slightest risk of compromising on that,” says Moginie.

Garrett said the new studio album – the band’s 15th – will continue the Midnight Oil tradition with powerful messages that match the powerful music.

“We hope that everyone who hears this album and comes to one of the shows will come away charged about the future of the planet and say ‘why stop now?’,” He says.

Five men (midnight oil) standing on a red gravel road.  The road and the bushes to the side extend to the horizon behind them
Midnight Oil’s career has spanned five decades.(Delivered)

“We all know that time refuses to stand still for anyone, but after many years together, the band’s spirit is deep, the music and words are strong, and our ideas and actions are as brave as we can make them.

Other bandmates Martin Rotsey and Rob Hirst paid tribute to their fans, families and crews; notes how far the band had come over 45 years with rocket not only Australia but the whole world.

Midnight Oil’s last Australian tour begins in February next year and ends in April in Sydney, where international concerts are considered subject to COVID restrictions.


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