Sun. Dec 5th, 2021

Nathan Lyon has chosen the Australian cricket team’s victory song over its captain, and appreciates his role in leading the iconic tune.

Despite being the most experienced player in the Ashes squad, Lyon told the media today that he would not like to be considered for either the role of captain or vice-captain, retaining his title as the site’s spiritual leader.

“If I had put my hand up for the captaincy, it would mean I would have to hand over the team song, and to be honest, I would rather lead the team song,” he said.

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Lyon gave their views on Cricket Australia’s inevitable leadership announcement and backed favorites Pat Cummins and Steve Smith.

“They are probably the two best candidates in my eyes,” he said.

“I have no dramas about them both reaching out to the leadership.

“I think they are both extremely respected in Australian cricket and also in world cricket.

“I think it will be really beneficial for you to have a bowler mindset and also a batter’s mindset. Instead of having two batters mindsets, you have both mindsets that can be put together to come up with a really good guide.”

Lyon shared a special bond with fast bowler Cummins after playing plenty of cricket together through the New South Wales (NSW) system, and Lyon were more than happy to take his leadership to the next level.

“When I played under Pat at NSW cricket in a one-day set-up last year, I think he did a really good job,” he said.

“I know it’s going to be another kettle of fish, but he has a lot of senior players around to support him if he gets that nod.”

Lyon added that there would be no worries about field settings or tactics to reject the batsman when it was his turn to bowl if a fast bowler like Cummins ends up with the lead.

“There will no doubt be conversations about spin-bowling, but I know when I talk to Pat here for training that he is quite eager to give me the ball as fast as I can,” he said.

“I look forward to playing under Pat if he gets a nod. I think he will do a great job.”

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