Tue. Dec 7th, 2021

Princess Charlene of Monaco “almost died” of complications related to surgery while in South Africa, a friend has claimed.

The royal, 43, spent six months in South Africa after contracting an ear, nose and throat infection, which led to a series of surgeries.

Last week, she was admitted to a treatment facility outside Monaco after her husband Prince Albert said she suffered “deep general fatigue … exhaustion, both emotional and physical”.

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Princess Charlene shared this image with the caption “God Bless” from South Africa in early October. (Instagram / hshprincesscharlene)

Charlene was finally reunited with Prince Albert and their children Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella in Monte Carlo on November 8th.

The mother of two had not been able to return to the principality earlier due to complications on the advice of doctors.

Now a friend of Charlene, who remained anonymous, has told Page six The Prince’s Palace “downplayed” the seriousness of the princess’ condition.

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They have taken issue with how the story is portrayed in some media and have partly blamed Prince Albert.

“It is unfair that she is portrayed as having some form of mental or emotional problem,” the source told the publication.

Princess Charlene pictured in South Africa as she spoke to a podcast about her medical condition in October. (Instagram / hshprincesscharlene)

“We do not know why the palace downplays that she almost died in South Africa.”

On September 4, the Prince’s Palace was forced to issue a statement after Charlene was hospitalized in an emergency after fainting due to complications from the infection.

But, the palace said, the sudden turn was not a cause for concern.

The princess was reportedly taken to hospital in Durban after “breaking down”. The palace later said Charlene had to undergo another operation for her ailment the same day before she became ill, adding that her “medical condition is reassuring”.

It told the unnamed source Page six Charlene still suffers from “severe sinus and swallowing problems stemming from a previous operation”, despite being given permission to return to Monaco in early November.

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Princess Charlene reunited with Prince Albert II and their twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella on November 8, 2021. (Instagram / hshprincesscharlene)

“She has not been able to eat solid food for over six months because of all the surgeries she has since undergone,” the source said.

“She has only been able to ingest fluid through a straw, so she lost almost half of her body weight.”

They added that Charlene “absolutely did not lose his mind or suffer from serious mental problems”.

“She is exhausted from six months of surgery and an inability to eat properly as a result.”

Last week, Prince Albert provided an insight into his wife’s health struggles and the decision to admit her to a treatment center outside Monaco.

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Princess Charlene talks to her children Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella via a video call from South Africa in July 2021. (Instagram / hshprincesscharlene)

“She had already made her decision and we only wanted her to confirm it in front of us,” Prince Albert said People.

“She already knew that the best thing to do was to go out and rest and get a really medically framed treatment.”

Charlene’s admission to a clinic came after she was “overwhelmed and unable to cope with official duties, life in general or even family life,” he said.

Her return to Monaco “went pretty well for the first few hours, and then it became pretty clear she was unwell,” he said.

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